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  1. Same email (spam), one is quarantined, one is delivered

    Thanks for the reply. * How do you train your bayes filter? >> I use sa-learn if thats what you are referring to. I have emails that users mark as "junk" and them import those emails via sa-learn command * What does the E-mail get when you disable bayes filtering? >> How does one disable the...
  2. Same email (spam), one is quarantined, one is delivered

    I have a weird problem and I don't know how to solve it. I am seeing emails start to come through where one email for a user gets quarantined, but the same email for a user gets delivered. I don't know what to do in order to solve this. Quarantined Email: Sep 02...
  3. [SOLVED] Banned IP information

    Do you have an example on how to integrate fail2ban with pmg? I think this is something I'd like to look at to help block some brute force attacks.
  4. New Hardware Configuration

    Hey thanks for the reply! You've given me some good stuff to think about and research more into. Perhaps I'll go in a different direction and look at dedicated individual or dual node servers that won't be a SPOF along with some external storage chassis that I can use for CEPH and grow as I need...
  5. New Hardware Configuration

    Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some insightful input from this community. I'm looking at building out a new Proxmox cluster with Ceph as the backend. I'd like to get a couple of answers to see if this makes sense and if not where I should make changes. Its a 2U 4 Node...
  6. Container Version does not save settings properly

    Thanks for this and sorry about the late reply. I did use the mail gateway template and thats what caused me the issues. I removed it and then recreated it as an "unprivileged container" and that seems to have done the trick with it and not they are working.
  7. TASK ERROR: start failed: org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitExists: Unit scope already exists.

    I am also getting this exactas same issue a well. This is after I updated my cluster to the latest version of Proxmox (5-4-3) Last night. This morning I find I have 1 VM so far that I couldn't get started. I was able to get the VM going again by removing it from the HA and then migrating it to...
  8. Container Version does not save settings properly

    I'm starting to look into moving from a KVM over to a LXC container for my filters. I've set one up, but every time I go to make a change to some of the settings, seemingly the ones that require postfix modification, I am getting the following error: update config section 'mail' failed...
  9. Spam getting through

    Thank you very much for this. So just to be sure I'm on the right track, I have created a new "What" object, which contains: Name: Double Email in From Header With the Match Fields: From: ^.*<.*>.*<.*>.*$ From: ^.*UTF-8.*<.*>.*$ Then I create a new mail Filter Rule: "Double From Quarantine"...
  10. Spam getting through

    By listing my servers as this service, this apparently helps control the flow of spam coming into the server? By the looks of it I add in a domain: domain: with IP's allowed to send (which I would think are my mx servers IP addresses:, Would...
  11. Spam getting through

    The legit domain here is: The spam email came in from: One of the headers looks like this: Return-Path: <> X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0.0 required=8.5 tests=TOTAL_SCORE: 0.000 X-Spam-Level: Received: from
  12. Spam getting through

    Thanks for that but I do indeed have an SPF record setup for my domain ( "v=spf1 mx -all" So what else exactly am I missing here with regards to this type of spam getting though the filter? Do I also need to setup a subdomain ( and to stop that spam from...
  13. Spam getting through

    Hi all, I'm starting to have an issue where it appears that people sending spam are using the PMG servers to send. For instance, once person this morning got an email that was sent from the PMG directly: From:, the PMG is and Question is...
  14. Phising Emails

    Can you explain to me how I do this? Also how do I tell which are whitelists and which are not? Sorry for my lack of intelligence here.
  15. Phising Emails

    Thank you very much. I will give those a shot!


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