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  1. PVE 6.0-7 + ixgbe firmware errors

    OK. I'm not totally sure. Once you compile it and if it all goes fine, then you should be good. Try a reboot again and see if it registers on your system.
  2. PVE 6.0-7 + ixgbe firmware errors

    I'm not sure, but you might need different firmware that what I used for my 10GB Cards. The firmware that I pointed to was for a RJ-45 10GB Intel card. The supported cards are: The driver is compatible with devices based on the following: * Intel(R) Ethernet Controller 82598 * Intel(R)...
  3. PVE 6.0-7 + ixgbe firmware errors

    Did you try and run a apt dist-upgrade to see if that helps you?
  4. PVE 6.0-7 + ixgbe firmware errors

    Did you install install this: You might need to reboot your host once you have done this in order for it to see them
  5. PVE 6.0-7 + ixgbe firmware errors

    Yes. See post #9 in this thread for the resolution.
  6. Problem with backups of LXC Containers

    Hi all, I am all of a sudden having an issue with backing up LXC containers on my nodes. I have a couple of servers in LXC format and since a couple of days ago they are all displaying issues when running a backup. Haven't run any updates in a bit, but the nodes also show that there are no...
  7. Thin Provision

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to have my virtual hard drives run efficiently on thin provision volumes. I have a 4 node setup with all 10GB Backend for VM's and Containers mounted on each node. The storage is mounted via NFS The backend storage (Various QNAPs) are all created as thin...
  8. Append to body of Message

    With all the spam going on in the world right now, I am seeing more companies that I email into prepend their messages in the body with something such as: CAUTION: This email originated outside of SOME COMPANIES email system. DO NOT click links or attachments unless you recognize the sender and...
  9. Gateway stopped delivering mail

    Thanks. I don't see anything pertaining to anything stopping in the logs. I don't believe that it ran out of memory, but I've up the RAM on each server so we'll see if it tailspins after that. I'm actively monitoring it now.
  10. Gateway stopped delivering mail

    Hi all, This morning I had an issue with my PMG server where it went deaf and stopped delivering emails to end email addresses. I use it as a smart host. Its built off of the Proxmox LXC container and its running on a Proxmox Server in a cluster. The server in the syslog went from working to no...
  11. [SOLVED] Multiqueue inside of VM

    Wonderful! Thank you for the clarification!
  12. [SOLVED] Multiqueue inside of VM

    From the help section: When I am setting this up inside of a firewall thats has multiple VLANS attached to it, do I need to add this on each vlan? So for instance, do I need to do the following: ethtool -L eth0 combined 8 But then do I also need to add this to all the VLANS as well: ethtool...
  13. [SOLVED] lrm (unable to read lrm status)

    This has done the trick for me by doing this on each node. Its seems my ghost node is now gone (seemingly). So thats amazing. Thank you for the awesome help. systemctl stop pve-ha-crm.service rm -f /etc/pve/ha/manager_status systemctl start pve-ha-crm.service I just have one last question...
  14. [SOLVED] lrm (unable to read lrm status)

    I'm not sure what happened. The node died and then I pulled it out of the rack and then I ran the pvecm delnode, and removed it. It never gave an error. Am I able to edit that file or do I have to run the 3 commands below to clear this issue up...
  15. [SOLVED] lrm (unable to read lrm status)

    I might also add in my logs that I am seeing this error on each node: pveproxy[2464]: unable to read file '/etc/pve/nodes//lrm_status'


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