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  1. [SOLVED] Kernel 5.11 & NVIDIA Linux vgpu-kvm

    I can confirm, that the 470.63 patched driver works, but 460.32.04 and 450.89 (and below possibly) gives (sys_close and kmap_types) errors during build even if it's patched! I think it's related to the fact that nvidia fixed (some part of) 5.11 kernel compatibility in 460.67 and onward...
  2. [SOLVED] Some games are not working inside a VM with Nvidia GPU

    UPDATE: In my final despair, I tried to reinstall the OS on the same virtual disk (scsi0, see above) and got an 0x8007045d error (maybe an I/O device error?) when trying to select the VirtIO storage during the Windows Setup. After that I detached and deleted the virtual disk on the Proxmox webui...
  3. [SOLVED] Some games are not working inside a VM with Nvidia GPU

    My MB BIOS is the "latest" 1.B (2016). My GPU (ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING) has the original factory VBIOS from ASUS ( There is no newer VBIOS on ASUS' website only a "Special Silent Fan VBIOS" from 2017. There is no newer VBIOS in TechPowerUp's VGA BIOS collection either. I...
  4. [SOLVED] Some games are not working inside a VM with Nvidia GPU

    Long story short: I set up a VM and passed trough a 1080Ti. (It's connected to a monitor) Installed 8 random Steam games. Only 2 worked. Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition - I click on the play button (in launcher), nothing happens, possible crash on startup, no Event Viewer entry...
  5. [SOLVED] i5-4440 / HD 4600 passthrough, code 43

    I have managed to get it work. After mindless blacklisting, modifying and endless trial and error, I wanted to know what made it to work. I have narrowed it down and even did a fresh proxmox install to verify it. I really hope it was worth it and maybe helps someone out there. Fresh proxmox...
  6. [SOLVED] i5-4440 / HD 4600 passthrough, code 43

    It didn't work. Code 43 as always. The linked 3 line of code didn't do anything anyway. The first line puts a 0 in the bind file, but it had 0 in it in the first place, I have checked. The second line tries to put a 0 in the /vtcon1/bind file, but there is no such file or directory in my case...
  7. [SOLVED] i5-4440 / HD 4600 passthrough, code 43

    I get this error: root@pve:~# echo efi-framebuffer.0 > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/efi-framebuffer/unbind -bash: echo: write error: No such device
  8. [SOLVED] i5-4440 / HD 4600 passthrough, code 43

    After 2 weeks I gave up. I tried everything. Literally everything. At this point I say proxmox is just not capable to passtrough the HD4600 Intel iGPU. Period. Everyone who says otherwise is delusional or lying. End of story.
  9. [SOLVED] i5-4440 / HD 4600 passthrough, code 43

    I have the same problem with my server. (Code 43, HD 4600) @SourCheeks What's your primary boot gpu in BIOS?


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