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    Performance in OVH : Vm's on NAS-HA or Vm's on CAD

    Hi, I Try to choose between this two solutions, VM's on Nas-ha or Vm's on CDA (cloud array disk or ceph ) Actually we have some cluser only with NAs-ha that run fine but somme time (one ou two time per years there are network failure during some seconds and Vm lose there disk and we must...
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    [SOLVED] virtual sophos connected to proxmox bridge

    Thanks for your response. I have found the solution. It's - as you say - a question about firewall . Thx
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    [SOLVED] virtual sophos connected to proxmox bridge

    Hi, I try to setup a virtual sophos as firewall for my VM in a private vlan et also give access to remote user/site using vpn proxmox 7 eno1 -> vmbr0 (public IP as management on ovh infrastructure) eno2 (connected to the vrack service in ovh) vmbr1 -> en02 vmbr2 - > eno2.100 (private lan...
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    HA and change the node with is the master

    Thx, I have read this... Bust in the GUI I have for the HA status with "master" and "lrm" types. What about if I remove definiltively the the node who as the type as "master" ?
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    HA and change the node with is the master

    Hi, I must remove an old node witch is the master for HA How to transfer this role to another node ? Simply stop the odl node an remove it from the cluster and the system select a new one for master role ? Or as I have read in the forum : use the following ? force a node to a master: pveca -m...
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    Adding 6.2 nodes to 6.0 cluster - Error 500 Can't connect to x.x.x.x:8006 (hostname verification failed)

    Hi, I had also the same issue. All nodes in /etc/hosts with correct IP (for me public IP with lets'encrypt certificates and private IP for the quorum in a dedicated vlan) using short name to join the cluster failed using FQDN resolve the issue and my new node si now part of the cluster. Thx...
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    [SoYouStart] rEFInd/Grub Boot Error (Upgrading Proxmox 6 to 7)

    Hi, I have the same issue on a new fresh server trying to update from V6 to V7 (imag template in V§ fromOVH run fine but when I upgrade to Vè I encounter this error also. Vhere in IPMI do you change the boot order ? Thx
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    upgrade from 5.x to 6.x

    Hi I read some post and It's seams that adding a new node in V6 to a cluster is not possible. in a post And also We only really support PVE 5 and 6 nodes coexisting during the upgrade of a whole cluster, and then...
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    upgrade from 5.x to 6.x

    Hi, Thanks for your response. Corosync was succefuly updated to V3 et status is fine. I'll try to add a new server (proxmox-ve: 6.4-1 (running kernel: 5.4.157-1-pve) to the cluster running proxmox-ve: 5.4-2 (running kernel: 4.15.18-26-pve) In my case I have public IP on on interface with the...
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    upgrade from 5.x to 6.x

    Hi, I know is late but I have a cluster with 3 nodes to upgrade to v6 version form last v5 version. I'm followi the tutorial here I have to update first all package in the v5 version than upgrade on each nodes the corosync...
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    strange qnetd ghost config file

    Hi, In the past I use qnetd as quorum device when I run only 2 nodes. For 3 years we have 3 nodes configured with corosync for the quorum and I regulary add or removes nodes to upgrade hardward and keep up to date for performance. To verify my config and also prepare to migrate from v5 to v6...
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    Many unattended reboot of all nodes in a short laps time

    Ok I understand ... is there a solution to tweak this parameter ?
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    Many unattended reboot of all nodes in a short laps time

    Thanks, it's seams that this was the issue . After the 5 reboot of all nodes I had removed the HA configuration an effectively no new reboot occures. But why fencing of non-quorate nodes do a reboot of all nodes ? Now I also investigates at the provider why lost or low of connectivity occures...


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