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  1. vzdump - bwlimit only on write speeds?

    Dear Wolfgang, is the "storage bwlimit" functional for LVM-Thin volumes? I get the following error: # pvesm set local-lvm --bwlimit 40960 400 Parameter verification failed. bwlimit: invalid format - value without key, but schema does not define a default key pvesm set <storage> [OPTIONS] I...
  2. Cluster Greyed Out

    I just tried to update a different cluster with the same result: I have to reboot each node.
  3. Cluster Greyed Out

    The Qemu machines are not the problem - only LXC.
  4. Cluster Greyed Out

    I restarted both services on all 3 nodes - no success. The restarted nodes have no problem and the one not restarted yet has still the problem.
  5. Cluster Greyed Out

    If you find the combination auf CLI commands o resolve without reboot, I would be very happy to know. I have also one node which I do not want to reboot :) Perhaps it has to do something with new kernel and new LXC, than a reboot is necessary in any case.
  6. Cluster Greyed Out

    You have to reboot each node.
  7. Cluster Greyed Out

    After upgrading today, I have the same problem :-( All LXC container on all 3 nodes are greyed out. Only the VMs are green.
  8. Live migration with local storage failing

    P.S: Yes it is LVM-thin What would be the command for doing the move - moving to which location? For storage I have a local-lvm per node and one globally available NFS share. qm move_disk 115 sata0 ...
  9. Live migration with local storage failing

    Hello Fabian, thank you for your prompt answer! The migration is reproducibly canceling when migrating the VMs which have 2 disks attached. The mirgration is working without problems for the first 8GB disk, followed by the transfer of the second disk - which is canceled at approx 50%. Instead...
  10. Live migration with local storage failing

    Any news about live migration of KVM hosts with local disks? I am able to live migrate a test KVM machine with success. But if I try to live migrate my production KVM machines with multiple local disks, the migration is canceled in the middle of the transfer of the second disk: drive-sata0...
  11. Is it possible to run a NFS server within a LXC?

    The "profile lxc-container-default-with-nfsd" solution also works now with the Debian 9.02 template. For the record: Upgrading a Debian 8 LXC container to Debian 9 does not help as far as I tried. I think that will lead to big problems for everybody who is upgrading from Proxmox 4.4 to 5.0...
  12. Is it possible to run a NFS server within a LXC?

    Success with using this template! THANK YOU Gosha! You saved my day :-)
  13. Is it possible to run a NFS server within a LXC?

    I tried again on the 5.0 node: I created a new CT with a Debian Jessie turnkey template. I added the "lxc.aa_profile: unconfined". I started the CT. I installed "nfs-kernel-server" + created /etc/exports = resulting in the same error # service nfs-kernel-server start [warn] Not starting NFS...
  14. Is it possible to run a NFS server within a LXC?

    Thank you for your quick reply! I added the "lxc.aa_profile: unconfined" line and upgraded the Debian inside the CT from jessie to stretch. I shutdown the CT, start again and I still get the error: Linux nas003 4.10.17-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 4.10.17-18 (Fri, 28 Jul 2017 14:09:00 +0200) x86_64...
  15. Is it possible to run a NFS server within a LXC?

    I tried this extra aa_profile on a freshly installed 5.0 node without success. Also "lxc.aa_profile: unconfined" in the CT config does not work - which is working on my other 4.4 node. What is the correct solution for a NFS server inside a LXC container on a 5.0 proxmox node?


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