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  1. ZFS Server unerreichbar nach File Transfer

    Hallo, Mir ist heute aufgefallen, dass wenn man größere Dateien auf den FileServer (Win Server 2016 VM) überträgt, diese langsam beim Transfer beginnen und zum ende hin eine normale Geschwindigkeit erreichen. Blöderweise steigt der Server Load ebenfalls unproportional an (bis auf über 25, GUI...
  2. Proxmox ZFS UEFI Boot failure

    Sorry, the System is already long time Running with BIOS again :=) But now.. Exept really slow migration and not working NFS / SMB Shares for me.. everything is working fine :=) im not gonna touch the Cluster again, im gonna setup a testing enviroment to troubleshot the Problems, haha :)...
  3. Proxmox ZFS UEFI Boot failure

    Hello! I was able to boot the System one time with this Topic: I will not repair the UEFI boot due UEFI is not recommended for ZFS and Proxmox. I transfered all VMs to another Server and will reinstall the...
  4. Proxmox ZFS UEFI Boot failure

    Alright i got a little bit forward..
  5. Proxmox ZFS UEFI Boot failure

    Hello all, Some weeks ago our Server didnt boot automatically anymore. We scheduled a reinstallation for next week, due the system was installed on UEFI what is not best practise. Since that Problem occurs, we were always able to boot the System via Proxmox Rescue Boot. Today the Server was...
  6. ZFS bad Performance!

    Thank you very much for your recommendation. I will have a look at it :)
  7. ZFS bad Performance!

    Thanks for your Answer. It is very Helpful to know now, that it is normal that the Array performs that bad. As it is no Option for me to buy a new Server for Homelab and put 10 Disks in it, i would rather suggest to go full SSD now here, since the Prices for SSDs are low as never before. I...
  8. ZFS bad Performance!

    Alright, yes, its just a Homelab with later about 30 TB Space and various "Gaming" Servers and RDP / Terminal, Nextcloud Servers.. With Hyper V and NTFS i could use Consumer grade SSDs... But now the IO Delay was peaking to death with them until the Server got unresponsive. So i am running now...
  9. ZFS bad Performance!

    By the way, thanks very much for your fast replys, never had such a good Support in a Community Forum :)
  10. ZFS bad Performance!

    I dont even know what slog is :) Im gonna search about it. Do i need SAS Drives for ZFS ?` I just testet the File transfer this morning and i can transfer a 10 GB File with 100 MB / s now, i didnt testet with small files or even greater files this morning.
  11. ZFS bad Performance!

    Hello, Here the Output: The Server is a Dell R710 with SAS Cables on the HBA. In my experience, a failure in that connection is resulting in very bad Performance, what i cant explain to myself with fio. Greetings
  12. ZFS bad Performance!

    SMART: Ive looked in Idrac. There is no Problem, all Settings are green and Online. CPU temps seems finde to me: root@De-Vre-Prox13:~# sensors coretemp-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter Core 0: +27.0°C (high = +85.0°C, crit = +95.0°C) Core 1: +26.0°C...
  13. ZFS bad Performance!

    The Disks are managed by ZFS, they are directly on a HBA. The Host is on the 500 GB SSD Mirror with Samsung SM883a SSDs. I just testet again, the IO delay peeks..
  14. ZFS bad Performance!

    Alright, sadly the Power was already set to maximum in the Dell, ive set it to OS control now. Im wondering, why the CPU Frequency was not always maximum as i testet it. Here the Output sir: vmstat: FIO...
  15. ZFS bad Performance!

    Sir, i would like to test another Power Mode in the Server (not OS control in the Dell, i want to test system maximum performance)


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