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  1. [SOLVED] communication issue between SRIOV VM VF and CT on PF bridge

    Again answering to myself... This seems to be a known issue (or maybe feature?) and there is a workaround available. I've got the information from and
  2. [SOLVED] communication issue between SRIOV VM VF and CT on PF bridge

    Maybe not as uncommon as I thought it would be, the Intel DPDK documentation is even describing exactly that us case. The problem I'm having is that VMs from the left side (via VF driver) cannot talk to VMs on the right hand side (via bridge of PF). Both can talk to the PF itself and outside hosts.
  3. [SOLVED] communication issue between SRIOV VM VF and CT on PF bridge

    This may not be specific to CT. I just spun up the first VM that was supposed to go onto the bridge and it faced the same communication issues like the container.
  4. [SOLVED] communication issue between SRIOV VM VF and CT on PF bridge

    Some more info: Even the ARP reply is not getting through. ping the default gateway ( from the container ( I can see: 11:33:21.000863 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28 11:33:21.000927 ARP, Reply is-at de:ad:be:ef:21:00...
  5. [SOLVED] communication issue between SRIOV VM VF and CT on PF bridge

    Yes I still have the issue. Just tried again after some time (and a series of updates in the meantime) # pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.44-2-pve) pve-manager: 6.2-11 (running version: 6.2-11/22fb4983) pve-kernel-5.4: 6.2-6 pve-kernel-helper: 6.2-6 pve-kernel-5.3: 6.1-6...
  6. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    It does work. One just has to be careful with the VLAN filter to not overload the NIC capabilities, otherwise it will just stop working.
  7. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    I may have been a bit too optimistic here. While it works fine on a single node, on a cluster I do have issues (and this probably where CARP is really needed). Still need to dig into the details and this may not be Proxmox related at all, but I wanted to leave the latest update here since this...
  8. cloud-init and Buster generic image network problem

    Unfortunately not. They are not accepting my PR (backporting the fix for this known issue), because there is already a PR for a newer cloud-init version in Debian. But that has not been applied for various reasons... it's a mess
  9. [SOLVED] communication issue between SRIOV VM VF and CT on PF bridge

    I'm passing through a VF using SRIOV to a VM. This VM works fine, I can reach it from Proxmox (mgmt interface on vmbr0 of the PF) and other hosts on the network. However, a CT attached to the very same vmbr0 cannot reach the VM, but also everything else on the network. According to tcpdump...
  10. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    OPNsense 20.7b indeed works fine, so this one is resolved.
  11. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    Just tried the 20.7a (which already comes with iavf instead of ixlv) and this works perfectly fine (from VF/CARP perspective). Lack of available packages prevent me from performing more thorough testing, but I'd say it looks good and I'll probably switch to the 20.7 alpha/beta as soon as...
  12. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    It works with a Linux guest, so I have to assume the guest/VF driver is causing the problem. Trying with a vanilla FreeBSD 12 doesn't really help me as regardless of the results I don't have a solution. Instead I'd like to try iavf on OPNSense itself. As mentioned the module loads, but as the...
  13. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    I managed to get iavf compiled an loading, but it doesn't take ownership of the interfaces as ixlv is still loaded. Any recommendations how to get rid of ixlv? hints.ixlv.0.disabled = 1 left the interface assigned to ixvl (but disabled / unusuable) if_ixlv_load="NO" in /boot/loader.conf.local...
  14. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    Yes that is configured (as well as spoof_check off), As per the doc: The vf-true-promisc-support priv-flag does not enable promiscuous mode; rather, it designates which type of promiscuous mode (limited or true) you will get when you enable promiscuous mode using the ip link commands above...
  15. [SOLVED] Issues with SRIOV-based NIC-passthrough to firewall

    Yes, the guest/VF doesn't see the packets, but the the PF does. And the guest says: ixlv0_vlan1234: permanently promiscuous mode enabled ixlv0: permanently promiscuous mode enabled on the relevant interfaces


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