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  1. qm guest exec or the pvesh create /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec how to send array

    I had to use the write file in the end and then run that script maybe this will help $data = array('content' => $file_content, 'file' => 'firstboot'); //this always fails we will catch it latter any way $action = '/nodes/' . $server->hostname . '/' . $this->vtype . '/' . $spcobj->username ...
  2. KVM Templates: cloud-init not applying hostname

    Centos6 most likely it's a very old cloud int. Try replacing with a newer version if possible
  3. cloud-init and Buster generic image network problem

    weird mine works I m not sure what image you used I got from here
  4. cloud-init and Buster generic image network problem

    this fixes the reslove.conf problem for the DNS On the other proble that is werid mine get renamed as eth0 eth1 etc Install resolvconf apt-get install resolvconf systemctl enable resolvconf Make sure systemd-resolved is disabled systemctl status systemd-resolved systemctl disable...
  5. Placing a load-balancing reverse proxy in front of the cluster?

    We have a separate management interface with private on its own vlan That one can only be reached via VPN. However some customers need access to console via 8006. We have a nginx proxy running on other HV and public IP NAT to that through firewall. And firewall also has rule to allow access...
  6. how to use api reset vm password

    If your VM`s use cloud init then u can use the API to Chang e the cloud init config. Bit u must reboot the VM Or as per the other sender u can use qemu guest agent u can also use that via the API
  7. qm guest exec or the pvesh create /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec how to send array

    yes I finally worked out the adding like --command '/bin/ping' --command '' Aculally what I m trying to do run a script on the Mikotick Router To set the Interface IP address after I create the VM so that I can then finish the conf off...
  8. qm guest exec or the pvesh create /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec how to send array

    OK I worked it out can do like -c stuff -c extra stuff BUT now I see the real problem QemuServer/ it treats this as an Arg not a key called input-data and without hacking the I cant do it :-( so will have to work on my plan C 'arg' => Command: guest-exec Execute a...
  9. qm guest exec or the pvesh create /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec how to send array

    HI I m provisioning Mikrotik Routers and as there is No cloud-init M trying to use the guest exec when I use guest exec by hand via socat I can get it to work below But I m having a hell time with qm guest exec 689 or via the API or pvesh create /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec...
  10. How to change virtio-pci tx/rx queue size

    I think the qemu already has it as I see Invalid tx_queue_size (= %u), must be a power of 2 between %d and %d in qemu-system-x86_64 but how to pass it the config :-(
  11. How to change virtio-pci tx/rx queue size

    Yes this is a good question looks like its not defined in proxmox as I have the same issue thanks
  12. Cannot open ceph.conf

    same as me external ceph and seeing this on snapshot rollback backups and clones


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