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  1. Move disk stored on LVM from virtual machine to container?

    Hmm, I'd be very surprised if that was true. Both are listed as block devices in my LVM thin pool when I run lsblk. And you can also see them as block devices mounted as filesystems inside the container, eg when you run mount or df -h.
  2. Move disk stored on LVM from virtual machine to container?

    Hi, Upgrading some of our virtual machines, I'm moving to containers where possible. One of our machines has a large 4TB disk stored on LVM storage (we use hardware RAID underneath so we don't use ZFS). I'd like to detach this disk from the virtual machine and attach it to the new container. is...
  3. Ubuntu template configuration?

    I'm going to hijack my own thread: Why does the DAB include its own Postfix rather than installing the default one included with the postfix package? This supplied has a bug: Running some Python code to connect to the SMTP server on localhost, port 25 would connect over IPv6. But...
  4. ignore duplicate vmid xxx in pool

    I managed to get this on a node that had been part of a cluster but was removed according to these instructions. Adding and removing a user solved it.
  5. Proxmox VE 6 - Removing cluster configuration

    I have one machine with several virtual machines and containers. I added a new machine to this in a cluster config. Now I want to remove the second machine again. The second machine has no VMs or containers. Does the above apply? Will my first machine survive?
  6. Ubuntu template configuration?

    Hi, I'm wondering how you create the Ubuntu templates that you make available. We have a number of developers that are still using Virtual Box (yes, I know...) and installing a virtual machine with a minimal Ubuntu server installation results in many more packages than what's in the Ubuntu...
  7. Container backup skips volume mount point even with backup=1

    Oops! It turns out it is working. It has just saved all the files into one tree rather than two as I expected. Below you can see the output from the backup process -- I don't submit a backup command but have done everything through the GUI. INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 105 --mode...
  8. Container backup skips volume mount point even with backup=1

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox as my development workstation, doing my development inside various LXC containers. These are configured with a small root disk to which I usually add a larger mount point mounted on /home for all my data -- the idea being I can copy these and/or attach these to new...
  9. NIC not found during initial installation

    I managed to work around this. When the installer reported "No network interface device found", I switched to the shell on tty3 (Ctrl-Alt-F3) and removed the tg3 module from the running kernel using rmmod tg3 I then loaded the broadcom module followed by the tg3 module again: modprobe broadcom...
  10. New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    Can't such an app be distributed via the web-server instead of packaging it as a stand-alone app?
  11. NIC not found during initial installation

    Was this ever resolved? Ubuntu 18.04 running fine on a Dell Vostro 460 with an on-board Broadcom BCM57788, but Proxmox 6.3-1 installer doesn't detect it -- even though it is listed in the output of lspci.
  12. [SOLVED] Dell poweredge r710 no ethernet

    The computer you're trying to connect to it from is on the network? (Just checking!)
  13. New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    I don't understand why you invest time and money into a standalone app just for Android when you could develop a better mobile device view which works in all mobile browsers. HTML5 and Javascript is really powerful these days.
  14. Are you going to add built-in support for Let's Encrypt?

    OK But you can either: 1. Use a public domain and create internal names for that using Let's Encrypt. or 2. Setup your own CA and make your internal machines trust that CA. Personally I would use approach 1. Then automate using Let's Encryt. Domains are pretty cheap and your time costs money...
  15. ARM Hardware

    Now that Debian is available for Raspberry Pi and the hardware is available in a 64-bit version with 8Gb RAM, is it possible to provide an arm64 repository so we can add Proxmox to an existing Debian install on this platform?


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