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  1. Docker support in Proxmox

    sorry that I reopened this old discussion with my comment(s). People still seem to have strong opinions about how containers fit in their infrastructure. Didn’t mean to start a religious discussion about it. To conclude from my side, I really like the overall direction Proxmox is taking in...
  2. Docker support in Proxmox

    not sure that that’s accurate, but the point is: OCI containers are here to stay. It’s the essence of Docker that has surpassed Docker and is directly used in projects and products that are designed to challenge/compete/sunset Docker. Docker is already a legacy tool and it may not survive on the...
  3. Docker support in Proxmox

    I use Docker, Kubernetes (with Rancher) and some other container tools (but I'm not an expert, just a regular user). So maybe let me try to comment, without making it a "religous" thing. Docker was the first container tool (all in one: container runtime, cli tool, orchestrator, registry, etc)...
  4. [SOLVED] proxmox firewall - allow dhcp only on specific interface(s)?

    sorry for the noise, I think I found it myself ("interface" field in firewall rules). Missed it because I'm was using security groups and there it's not in the security group but in the "add" dialogue when you add it a security group to a firewall policy.
  5. Docker support in Proxmox

    I don't think RancherOS is dead. There has been some movement in the CoreOS space, but CoreOS isn't dead either (lives on as paid-only Red Hat product, community upstream project Fedora Core OS and the Flatcar fork).
  6. [SOLVED] proxmox firewall - allow dhcp only on specific interface(s)?

    I'm trying to get familiar with the Proxmox Firewall. I'm having the following problem: I have a dhcp server running on the Proxmox host, listening on vmbr0 (on the host's IP configured on vmbr0) the Proxmox firewall is enabled on all levels (datacenter, host, vm) with default input: drop /...
  7. [SOLVED] no ACCEPT events in firewall log?

    thanks a lot for the fast response, much appreciated! > This is intended Just as a side note (not sure if this is the right place, apologies if not, I'm also new to the Proxmox community): I think it would be really beneficial to see all kind of iptables actions on high log levels. For example...
  8. [SOLVED] no ACCEPT events in firewall log?

    I'm new to Proxmox Firewall and I'm a bit confused of the log behaviour on my test cluster. I have enabled firewall on all levels (datacenter, host, vm) and have set the log level for all firewall related options in the PVE UI to the highest level (debug). However, I'm only seeing `DROP` events...


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