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  1. [SOLVED] Log File Rotation

    Perfect. That is easy enough. I was a little worried about space but if it can read through compressed files, we'll be good. Thanks!
  2. [SOLVED] Log File Rotation

    Oh ok. So they come from the syslog, not mail.log. I will go and change syslog from the date format that is currently has to the numbers. The Tracking Center is able to read into zipped files as well?
  3. [SOLVED] Log File Rotation

    Is it possible to read log files that are rotated daily? We have an enormous amount of traffic that comes through daily and we can easily get 1 GB files in the log so we set up daily rotations with compression. I noticed that we are no longer able to look in the Tracking Center for previous days...
  4. Restarting pmg-smtp-filter on the cluster

    looks like there is a 'Filter daemon (re)started' at around 3am every day and then a 'reloading configuration Proxmox_ruledb' about every hour. Are one of these what you are talking about? If so, how do I know that my rule hasn't broken pmg-smtp-filter?
  5. Restarting pmg-smtp-filter on the cluster

    I have edited the file on one of the servers. I know that file is synced between all of the servers in the cluster. My question is, is there a way to restart pmg-smtp-filter on all of the servers without having to run it on all of them?
  6. Changing/Adding the __SPAMSTARS__ Macro

    We are looking to change out our current spam server with Proxmox. The only problem we have is with the SPAMSTARS marco. Our current spam filter sends a header over that reads X-SPAM-LEVEL: X-SPAM-XXXXX, where the trailing X's represent the score. Our mail server has a rule looking for...
  7. Adding items to for Spamassassin

    I have tried adding that custom line but nothing ever shows up in the header. Is this expected behavior? A simple, yes it will work or a no it will not work, would be great. This is just a trial run and if we cannot get this to work, we will move on to something else.
  8. Adding items to for Spamassassin

    So you are saying that I cannot add add_header all Level X-SPAM-_STARS(X)_ to the file?
  9. Adding items to for Spamassassin

    I have tried it this way, but the macros only add *'s and I need X's. The X's are dynamically added based on the spam score. For example, if the spam score it 5.6 then there would be a header that says X-SPAM-LEVEL: X-SPAM-XXXXXX. Our current mail system is specifically looking for the...
  10. Adding items to for Spamassassin

    I am trying to add a custom header to Spamassassin. I am editing the file in /etc/mail/spamassassin but it doesn't seem to be working. The line I am adding is: add_header all Level X-SPAM-_STARS(X)_ We have a current mail filter that adds this and is what our mail server looks for...


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