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  1. how can we reduce multicast traffic ?

    note the multicast traffic from out Layer 3 switch: ifIndex 417 Octets Received 6673610456 Packets Received Without Errors 24005319 Unicast Packets Received 1431638 Multicast Packets Received 16965403 Broadcast Packets Received 5608278 Receive Packets Discarded 5125808...
  2. rgmanager and restart host from pve gui

    Dietmar, Sorry for the delay replying, I could not test until tonight. Stopping rgmanager was mentioned on the wiki. It does force migration of ha kvms. They stop on the node and then start on the other node: fbc243 s009 ~ # qm list VMID NAME STATUS MEM(MB)...
  3. Two-Node High Availability Cluster question

    Thank you for that information... I have a question would that make it so the kvm's only are allowed on the ip address specified?
  4. Network Connectivity Issues with KVM Backups

    After restoring the backup, delete the Network Device and add a new one. Or do the restore from cli. On pve 1.9 we used to do this, I've not tired on 2.1 : qmrestore --unique /bkup/pvebackup/vzdump-qemu-560-2011_07_24-11_30_05.tar <NEWID> from the man page for qmrestore : --unique...
  5. No Access to 3ware 3dm2 configuration page

    3dm2 still has an important issue here. we can access the configuration page with konqueror . However the email notification test crashes 3dm2 . 3dm2 may not send an email regarding a failed disk etc.. for now to get notified of issues we do this 4x per hour from cron.d. #!/bin/sh # not...
  6. should we use an NFS share or run our VMs from our Host server

    Since you will be purchasing two systems, consider running Proxmox on both and using drbd. There is a good wiki page and plenty of help on the forum. Zfs and nas are great but do not supply high availability.
  7. remote vnc viewer

    I just tried to add this to wiki, but could not log in. I use this and not the wiki page that I mostly wrote. see post #24 at
  8. remote vnc viewer

    check the wiki there are some suggestions there.
  9. Super slow Backup with pve 2.x

    one last suggestion, is freenas server set to Asynchronous ?
  10. kvm migration and HA.

    the shared storage is drbd . in dual primary mode. it was set up using wiki and forum posts. drbd is built from source . 8.3.13 is the version.
  11. sshfs shared storage

    I had too many errors with rsync and the kvm on sshfs . the issues may have had nothing to do with sshfs, b ut the system i restored works without issues on drbd and local storage. So I give up on sshfs for now. Will use nfs instead. here were some of the issues: [mntent]: warning: no...
  12. sshfs shared storage

    May 30 12:59:58 starting migration of VM 8020 to node 'fbc240' ( May 30 12:59:58 copying disk images May 30 12:59:58 starting VM 8020 on remote node 'fbc240' May 30 12:59:59 starting migration tunnel May 30 13:00:00 starting online/live migration on port 60000 May 30 13:00:02...
  13. sshfs shared storage

    KVM restore works. I'll try migration next.
  14. sshfs shared storage

    the mount and share work, thanks for the idea. however restoring an openvz template does not work. If I remember correctly, sshfs and links do wot get along. here is some of the error message at pve : Creating container private area...
  15. sshfs shared storage

    I think it would be good to allow sshfs for shared storage. For us sshfs is more reliable then nfs . We use sshfs for user documents - with $HOME/Documents targeted to a kvm sshfs . We've done that for 3 years and have had very few issues.


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