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  1. [SOLVED] BTFRS Swap-Partition

    please consider the real pupose of swap. it is not for extra ram, it is not as emergency ram (even tough it works as such so system doesnt lock up and kernel oom has time to clean up to prevent a freeze) But main purpose is memory organisation and its incredible important for it. without it we...
  2. Proxmox VE ZFS Benchmark with NVMe

    Uhm no PCIE 3.0 has 1Gbyte per lane so 4GB transferspeed on NVME (well 31.somtheing gbit/sec realworld). PCIE 3.0 is not limiting you in this benchmark but overall, 4gybte bandwidth vs theoretical real limit of 6.5 gbyte/sec according to samsung. but only on sequential reads which wont be...
  3. [SOLVED] PBS no longer working after upgrading host to PVE 7

    thanks lamprecht, thats what i wanted to know
  4. Proxmox VE on Debian Jessie with zfs - Hetzner

    please use ab:cd:ef:12:34:57 because 56 is already in use by mine :p sorry could not resist
  5. [SOLVED] PBS no longer working after upgrading host to PVE 7

    never claimed im shocked, i expected this before the upgrade and noone here is complaining, just looking for solutions. there where other reasons behind the decision todo things the way they have been done, none of which i have to or will explain here. but yea be condescending and blame people...
  6. [SOLVED] PBS no longer working after upgrading host to PVE 7

    never said its a good idea, but main version is still the same and hasnt change since 2018. and having a defunct pbs is even worse as having a halfway broken one: question is what PBS does with the scsi tools. if its just to initialize storage or read out diskinfo then it should not affect...
  7. [SOLVED] PBS no longer working after upgrading host to PVE 7

    waiting is not an option. rather risk having broken backups than having no backups aka certainly no backups backups runs trough, no errors so far, verify is ok too
  8. [SOLVED] PBS no longer working after upgrading host to PVE 7

    Directory /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu hardlink to pbs boots after that and seems to work, can some dev confirm this as solution workaround for now?
  9. Slow Performance on Server 2016

    first, i have to agree you absolutly need raid 10 on database VMs also instead of virtio i woudl recommend using SCSI/SSD Emulation and discard. that allows to trim (hey we want anything extra we can get) -as a quick note dirty hack to switch to SCSI (and not bluescreen because of drivers) is...
  10. [SOLVED] Event ActiveDirectory_DomainService 2089 on windows domain controller logged

    they let you schedule a system state backup and you absolutly need one. DO NOT RESTORE A DC JUST VIA VZDUMP. Here is the thing. If you have only one DC, then it might just work to restore it - MIGHT (still possible to "loose" machines within the network that requires a rejoin but the rest...
  11. Cloud Sync for Proxmox Backup Server

    yea well i know but this is not what i ment as in promoting. this is what american comapnys have spot on. the list contains 2 that dont even promote promox on their website or the PBS, 2 that do but only one offers pricing the other wants a request. real promoting with a possible cashback flow...
  12. error "no space left on device"

    well technically the error is correct which is the best type of correct. let me answer with a question: where is your VM storage ?
  13. Cloud Sync for Proxmox Backup Server

    yea you guys should promote these kind of services, like a site for partner offers and similar to spread the ecosystem or offer something yourself. right now the narrative is either own second server or a module to the usual suspects like gdrive. optimal would be to be independet of dropbox...
  14. Cloud Sync for Proxmox Backup Server

    is nobody offering this as a service ? would be better to focus giving service provider that option (or like integration into their sales software) and stay with the ecosystem. we need better alternatives than google, microsoft and amazon. honestly a feature like that would kill any aspiration...
  15. Some containers backups are hundreds of GBs

    when it walks like a loop and quaks like a loop its probably a cat in a loop :)


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