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  1. Data collection and network configuration. Appliance with 6 network ports

    The simplest way of doing this is if you have managed switches that support port-mirroring
  2. Physical NIC assignment for LXC containers in Proxmox 7.2

    Performance difference is negligible
  3. How to connect VMs on different Proxmox hosts

    I don't think this is going to be easy to achieve Q: Is the requirement to connect only the two VM's (VM1 and VM2) or do you need to allow other VM's to communicate? Q: Can the VM to VM traffic be port based?
  4. Physical NIC assignment for LXC containers in Proxmox 7.2

    Just curiosity.. what are your reasons for not using the bridges?
  5. PCIe passthrough problems on HPE microserver gen10

    Good news, thanks for letting us know it worked.
  6. How to setup multiple IPs and networks on a single NIC? (with OPNsense within Proxmox)

    You've got managed switches and vlan-aware Wireless so should be easy enough. You only need to assign one vmbr to one nic (you can assign multiple nics to one vmbr but that's another story) - each vmbr/nic can accomodate multiple VLAN's and each VLAN will have it's own IP subnet. So inside...
  7. PCIe passthrough problems on HPE microserver gen10

    I've not done it so take this as just a suggestion Install debian desktop and then install proxmox as per the instructions here
  8. How to Configure Dual Port PCI-e LAN in Proxmox

    or just use vmbr interfaces instead
  9. PCIe passthrough problems on HPE microserver gen10

    If you are trying to run the microserver as a Windows desktop with virtual machines/containers, you would probably find it easier to install Windowss and run hyper-v for VMs and docker for Windows for containers.
  10. change nic in server

    you will need to login directly on the server most likely the name of your nic has changed. use ip link show to see the name of the nic with an active link then edit your etc/network/interfaces to link vmbr0 to the name of your active nic
  11. Hetzner vswitch and Proxmox

    I meant from your proxmox host ( to what does this mean? please be more specific and provide some examples of what works and what doesn't - remember we don't know how you have set things up... You have said you can reach the proxmox host, on Hertzner hosting, so we assume...
  12. Hetzner vswitch and Proxmox

    traceroute from proxmox host to ? result of ip route on proxmox host?
  13. Hetzner vswitch and Proxmox

    But your VM's can reach the internet? What does a 'traceroute' on one of the VM's tell you about the network route?
  14. [SOLVED] Forward wordpress through proxmox

    auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet static address gateway auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address bridge-ports none bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 post-up echo 1 >...
  15. Hetzner vswitch and Proxmox

    Sorry, I didn't pick up on the fact that pfsense is running outside of Proxmox. So your VM's have an ip setup like address subnet gateway Is that correct?


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