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  1. Trim virtio block hdd

    Oki then I guess it goes from VM >> Promox. Do you know how can I check if proxmox is also trimming the information in the main server disk?
  2. Trim virtio block hdd

    But does it go VM >> HDD/SSD >> Proxmox, or VM >> Proxmox >> SSD Just asking since HDD don't usually support trim actions. So if it goes VM >> HDD/SSD >> Proxmox, I currently don't trim thin provisioning will work correclty with an HDD, doesn't it?
  3. Trim virtio block hdd

    But I guess that means reinstalling everything I have on my VMs to move to VirtIO SCSI, doesn't it? So, the way to use thin proviosioning correctly is just to make trimming working on the VMs always? I guess this has nothing to do with the physical disk itself or it does? I mean, in case I had...
  4. Trim virtio block hdd

    Hello guys, I was currently trying to free up space in the node, and have deleted multiple files in my VMs however it seems that fstrim -va command is showing no output, and lvs -a in proxmox node shows still the same amount of occupied space in my VMs. I am currently running virtio block for...
  5. Network interfaces been created after changing PCIE devices

    Hello, Yes, this is predictable and restoring the before config should work. However if I need to plug a new device on a PCIE slot, and I have no GPU console since it is passthroughed to a VM. How am I able to reconfigure the ethernet interface so that I can connect to the Web UI? Is there any...
  6. Network interfaces been created after changing PCIE devices

    I made another change in PCIE and now the interface is called enp5s0 :oops: I do not know why is that happening. However I have a ethernet 10gbps pcie card, and that one at least is not changing of interface name, have 0 clue on why the motherboard one changes all times.
  7. Network interfaces been created after changing PCIE devices

    Hello, I just placed a new GPU on a new PCIE slot and I had the issue of not being able to log into my control panel. After digning out I saw that a new interface with a different name of the original one was being created. At the beginning I had enp6s0, but after adding the GPU, proxmox...
  8. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.0 Gemini Lake and IGD (graphics) passthrough for Windows 10

    Hello Sferg, Getting still error 43 and nothing being showing through vga. May I ask you from where did you get that rombios? Kind regards
  9. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.0 Gemini Lake and IGD (graphics) passthrough for Windows 10

    I'm sorry but still black screen. I tested the same flags on one of my other machines, and it seems like the last intel graphics driver started to work, but after I uninstall it and reinstall it again, error 43 again. About the HDMI output, still black screen :(
  10. Needed entropy for ssh?

    Yes, strongly think so
  11. Needed entropy for ssh?

    Hello, It seems debian 10 comes with rng-tools and it fails when it boots, any idea on why? Kind regards
  12. Needed entropy for ssh?

    Hello guys, I have just had a problem while trying to login into my debian 10 VM, and it seems that ssh service takes a lot of time to startup, and some times timing out. I just searched a bit, and people was saying because of lack of entropy in VMs, and recommended installing haveged. As soon...
  13. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.0 Gemini Lake and IGD (graphics) passthrough for Windows 10

    To weird, I am still getting this: kvm: -device vfio-pci,host=00:02.0,addr=0x02,x-igd-gms=1,x-igd-opregion=on,romfile=vbios_hd4600.rom: IGD device 0000:00:02.0 cannot support legacy mode due to existing devices at address 1f.0 TASK OK But I have in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf the following...


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