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  1. [SOLVED] PVE 6.0/corosync over WAN (high latency) - looses sync

    Hey, sorry but how did u upgraded? We have the same version like you before your upgrade, but apt-get dist-upgrade says there is no new package....
  2. [SOLVED] deleted node stuck in gui

    In our case the node was stuck in the /etc/pve/.members list. after deleting it from there manually, it worked
  3. DRBD9 wrong free space calculation

    hey guys, last posts looking very interesting. So what's the conclusion for now? Using DRBD9 with lvm.lvm driver instead of lvm_thinlv.LvmThinLv is safe? I think, as long as Proxmox is telling that using DRBD 9 is "technology preview" and Linbit is saying on DRBD9 FAQ page: "It is a...
  4. DRBD9 wrong free space calculation

    this could help:
  5. DRBD9 wrong free space calculation

    Hi, any update here? We are also encountering this problem and I think it should be easy for proxmox guys to reproduce this problem in a lab. I think for the moment it would be best to use drbd the "old-way" DRBD + LVM Storage (no thin prov)
  6. bug in migration function with clvm + iscsi

    i've filed a bug:
  7. bug in migration function with clvm + iscsi

    push! the bug seems still to exist...
  8. bug in migration function with clvm + iscsi

    thanks for the fast fix. applyied the diff and rebooted the nodes, but the fix does not work! dmsetup info still shows active vm disk on node1 while the server resides on node2...
  9. bug in migration function with clvm + iscsi

    Hi, we've probably faced a bug. in a cluster setup with shared storage ( clvm over iscsi), the newly created lv isn't deactived after auto migration: you can reproduce this the following way: lets say you have a kvm template on node1 and do a "clone to node2", the new vm is firstly cloned on...
  10. PVE API2: determine node of a vm

    there is just one little question: /cluster/resources uses GET so if i use $PVE->get i can not pass argument like type = vm.... on pvesh it works fine but how to use it in api?? i've also tried POST but does not work. how to give the parameter type via api? thanks, patrick
  11. PVE API2: determine node of a vm

    Hi, is it possible to get the actual node in a cluster, on which a vm is running, if I only know the vmid? so for example something like this: $PVE->get_node('101); and it will returns the node name on which the vm is running on? this would be really helpfull... thanks, patrick
  12. PVE API: create Clone

    Hi, we've setup a kvm system and defined it as template. Now we want to create a Clone of this template via api, but i can not find anything related to this. I've also run in pvesh help /nodes/prox/qemu --verbose but did not find any suitable option. pveversion -vproxmox-ve-2.6.32: 3.1-109...
  13. Backup issues with proxmox 2.3?

    thanks, i will go into this deeper, but i do not think that this is the problem, 'cause timeout comes when pve is trying to lock the vm and not when he writes backupdata (it does not come to this process)... greetz, patrick


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