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    External CEPH mixed SSD/HDD

    In general storage definitions are by pool in Proxmox VE. How you setup the pools on Ceph's side is not known by Proxmox VE nor does it need to. Easiest and most stable solution is to have two different pools.
  2. Alwin

    CEPH: HEALTH_WARN mon 1 is low on available space

    The logs should give more insight to this. The MON DB may grow twice in size during compaction and it could be that this included in its calculation.
  3. Alwin

    Ceph RBD pool not showing up in Proxmox UI?

    I can confirm the issue and I have a patch on the pve-devel list that will fix it. For the meantime you will need to add the storage manually.
  4. Alwin

    Ceph RBD pool not showing up in Proxmox UI?

    Hm... did you clear the browser cache yet?
  5. Alwin

    bug in ui? ceph public network ip

    You can also specify the node address on the CLI. The network address can be derived from the /24 anyway. The GUI lists the configured interface as seen in the network panel.
  6. Alwin

    Ceph RBD pool not showing up in Proxmox UI?

    RBD has a content type of 'Disk-image' & 'Container'. I suppose, the drop down field is not for image creation.
  7. Alwin

    bug in ui? ceph public network ip

    That's the network address of Ceph's public network. I can't see any error there.
  8. Alwin

    ceph: vm with one copy only?

    Please don't double post. It makes it hard to help you.
  9. Alwin

    bug: ceph pool create --size 1fail

    Set the sizes and pgs after you created the pool with ceph's tooling. In the current version the pveceph doesn't have a set command yet.
  10. Alwin

    CEPH: HEALTH_WARN mon 1 is low on available space

    Check the inode space on the pve-root, it may be close to full.
  11. Alwin

    Last proxmox cluster node updated cause critical problems in Ceph.

    zcat ceph/ceph.log.4.gz | grep -i skew Run the above on your logfile. The cluster reports clock skew and that will slow down Ceph considerable. The cluster needs to have the same time, doesn't matter if correct.
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    [SOLVED] Wireguard CT on Proxmox 6.2-4

    Wireguard was included into the kernel in a later version. You will need to build it. But they do run with the same host kernel. And the wireguard is loaded by the host kernel. Any issue and it will halt the node, not just a VM.
  13. Alwin

    run vm on single node with crashed cluster on ceph storage

    You can't. And no. If you lose two nodes, you will need to do data recovery.
  14. Alwin

    [SOLVED] Wireguard CT on Proxmox 6.2-4

    I have it running. Just not in a container. ;) Too much to break for a CT to get it running. In general, I'd argue that it doesn't make much sense to have a wireguard interface inside a CT. Why do you want it inside a CT?
  15. Alwin

    Backing up Proxmox/CEPH node configuration

    In a cluster the config lives on the other nodes as well. On a total failure of the node, the configs will be re-synced. Besides the configs outside /etc/pve. To backup, just copy the whole /etc, whichever tool you use, it needs to work across fileystems (eg. /etc/pve).


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