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  1. Live migration LXC

    Have any progress about this? LXD have live migration, but Proxmox still no. When it's tentatively planned to add LXC live migrations? I was read this and I'm upset...
  2. PVE kernel stuck

    Unfortunately I can't check this until next stuck or planned reboot.
  3. PVE kernel stuck

    Most servers upgraded, but needs reboot, and two nodes still 4.x (will be updated when possible). But I think error explained in topic start may be present in latest kernels too: $ for h in {8,9,10,11a,11b,11c,11d,12a,12b,12c,12d}; do echo host$h; ssh root@host$h pveversion; done host8...
  4. PVE kernel stuck

    Unfortunately cluster have 2 nodes with Proxmox 4.x and until this nodes will be upgrade to 5.x I can't update to proxmox 6.x currently (as you know before upgrade to 6.x need update corosync previously). Upgrade process is going on slowly, because these servers run services that support...
  5. PVE kernel stuck

    Today one of the servers is stuck, some time after the next message: Feb 17 04:15:11 hostA kernel: [472111.800882] WARNING: CPU: 41 PID: 0 at net/sched/sch_generic.c:323 dev_watchdog+0x222/0x230 Feb 17 04:15:11 hostA kernel: [472111.801110] R13: ffff974a19760000 R14: ffff974a19760478 R15...
  6. Docker support in Proxmox

    Perhaps you need enable in config container Options --> Features "keyctl" and "Nesting" or add into config next params: lxc.apparmor.profile: unconfined lxc.cgroup.devices.allow: a lxc.cap.drop: proc:rw sys:rw br_netfilter no need to load on pve kernels, because: $ grep...
  7. Docker support in Proxmox

    On proxmox host is need some modules preloaded: # cat /etc/modules bonding ip_vs ip_vs_dh ip_vs_ftp ip_vs_lblc ip_vs_lblcr ip_vs_lc ip_vs_nq ip_vs_rr ip_vs_sed ip_vs_sh ip_vs_wlc ip_vs_wrr xfrm_user #for Docker overlay nf_nat br_netfilter xt_conntrack Also docker can't start in LXC on ZFS...
  8. Docker support in Proxmox

    Stop docker, create config: # less /etc/docker/daemon.json { "storage-driver": "overlay2", "iptables": true, "ip-masq": true } Run docker, save iptables generated rules in file: iptables-save > /var/lib/iptables-docker-default.rules Stop docker, сhange config: # less...
  9. ext4_multi_mount_protect Delaying Container Migration

    Is that fixed in Proxmox 6? In Proxmox 5.4 this bug is present. It also appeared after moving .raw to XFS
  10. Proxmox VE Ceph Benchmark 2018/02

    Unfortunatly, with RBD have problems too
  11. ceph rbd slow down read/write

    If you look in the post: , you can see that only the read operation is performed from the storage, the write operation is performed in /dev/null. And filling the page cache in the container sufficiently, that would...
  12. ceph rbd slow down read/write

    Difference (exclude IP, MAC and identifiers) only one: cached not filled in second container This is not expected. I want to achieve next: in container page cache, data is sync more often and invalidate synced older pages for allowing overwriting this pages and performance not drop when...
  13. ceph rbd slow down read/write

    And why in second container with rbd (krbd, same pool) at the same time performance is not drop down? It allows me to think - the problem is not in ceph or in krbd.
  14. ceph rbd slow down read/write

    And which params need to tune? May be next (?): "bluestore_cache_kv_max": "536870912", "bluestore_cache_kv_ratio": "0.990000", "bluestore_cache_meta_ratio": "0.010000", "bluestore_cache_size": "0", "bluestore_cache_size_hdd": "1073741824", "bluestore_cache_size_ssd"...
  15. ceph rbd slow down read/write

    Node have 2TB RAM, Container have 50G RAM This behavior is present on differnet pools and not only on Ceph, also this behaviour present on image mapped from node local storage device ssd. As an opportunity, I will definitely do it.


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