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  1. Grogory
    Hi, Is there any way to clean global Whitelist and Blacklist from command line (pmgsh) in Proxmox Mail Gateway?
  2. KathrynSchmid
  3. pianoman82
    pianoman82 heutger
    Hallo Herr Heutger,

    wo kann ich den Advancing PMG-Thread zur Konfiguration des PMG finden? Da würde ich doch gerne mal reinschauen was ich noch optimieren kann. Herzlichen Dank und viele Grüße
    1. heutger
  4. OliverB
  5. Stijn Cos
    Stijn Cos
    Computer Science Undergraduate Student And Intern
  6. Stijn Cos
    Stijn Cos
    Computer Science Undergraudate Student
  7. alamadrid
    Getting up to speed with proxmox
  8. alamadrid
    El Cubano que mas ama Proxmox!
  9. sidik pujiarahman
  10. Thebluebell
    Im a new member
  11. Thebluebell
    Sorry for my bad English, i just wondering if i install proxmox on virtual Box, can i access web UI for setting the CT?
  12. funet
    always online
  13. Omer SAVAS
    Omer SAVAS
  14. Jason Cheng
  15. whiterabbit
    whiterabbit ramaza
  16. killmasta93
    killmasta93 danielb
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    2. killmasta93
      hey, thanks for the reply, i was re reading your tutorial i think i might have missed something. the first part is it a must to install? As im not sure why your authenticating though LDAP? the part where you says "This is needed if you want your external clients to be able to relay emails through PMG" in theory its my email server relaying to PMG
      Jan 18, 2019
    3. danielb
      Maybe we can continue this discussion by email. Please drop me an email : daniel AT firewall-services DOT com
      Jan 23, 2019
    4. killmasta93
      sure just send you an email
      Jan 25, 2019
  17. Ed Wittlinger
    Ed Wittlinger
    Current Programming Language - PHP 7
  18. Ed Wittlinger
    Ed Wittlinger
    Experience with Debian Linux - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  19. Ed Wittlinger
    Ed Wittlinger
    Experience with CentOS 7, LAMP Configuration, Virtual Hosting, Web-Based Software Engineering.
  20. Ed Wittlinger
    Ed Wittlinger
    DevOps Engineer from Cleveland, OH.
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