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  1. arkam
  2. danielb
    danielb DerDanilo
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    2. DerDanilo
      Will download it later tonight
      Oct 19, 2018 at 19:26
  3. christophe
    christophe casalicomputers

    We're evaluating Dell VRTX as a platform for a proxmox cluster.
    Problems with shared PERC have been reported some years ago (2013).

    Do you use Dell VRTX in a proxmox environment with current 5.2-x versions?
    Can you use shared PERC correctly (shared disks)?

    Are there any negative points with Dell VRTX and proxmox association?

    Thank you,

  4. vinoth
    vinoth Brodie Davis
    am new to proxmox, i have few doubts, can we instal the instace in lvm, if so can i take the backup, also when i create the instance i select the vmdk format, so that can i use the same instance in vmare without any migration
  5. AdrienF
    A student that hate microsoft bug's, because we paid for this shit, it's more funny to fix a linux, 'spcially when you've got forums
  6. johnsmith123
    hi i am new member here
  7. Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson
    My life is like an HP support contract.
  8. pradeeprpillai
    How can i add 2 public ip's and a private ip in proxmox ve - vm's( vm os is centos 7)
  9. François RIVIERE
    François RIVIERE
    CTO ( And IT Guy) for a small Company specialized in Software Développement, We start using Proxmox
  10. Emily Gosi
    Emily Gosi
  11. Emily Gosi
    Emily Gosi
  12. Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar
    LEarning VIrtulisation
  13. Robson Rissato
    Robson Rissato fireon
    Do you want login and password from my proxmox to take a look and see if I'm doing something wrong?
  14. ParasiticTwin
    I'm a new home lab user looking to create my own virtual networks for network + certifications and migrate my nas.
  15. Rapidtone
    Rapid Tone : Particular Supplemental Nutrition Program for Ladies, Infants, and youngsters? Because children spend more time indoors,
  16. humbertomicrotecudi
    humbertomicrotecudi Ocfull
    Good Morning! I'm new here in the forum ... I'm studying the Proxmox solution ... I did a test server with three VMs, if I needed to know how to create the script file via console for VM shutdown and then shutdown the server, you can to help?
  17. Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson
    Actively seeking...
  18. Taufik Hidayat
  19. cikoshel
    cikoshel senyapsudah
    salam. awak dari malaysia?
  20. chamseddine
    Thanks 4 being Nice.
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