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New to hypervisors and Proxmox... I need to run one docker based app, that's all I know so far.
Guts pk is an informational portal related to studies, magazines news, fashion industry trends and other online information such as; Online Results Announcement across all the education boards and sectors in Pakistan as well as some international studies information which can be implemented in Pakistan.
I'm using proxmox since 2 years on a server. I like to do some experience with proxmox.
good morning to everybody.
I have a problem installing promox 6.1 when I try to change the ip that it automatically generates when installing proxmox to place a static ip stops working, will it be that I have a configuration problem? can you help me, please

I am wondering how were you able to get hosted to work. I am new to Proxmox and networking and have just started it. Can you point me to the right documentation?

Buried in code, trying to get good FPS from a laptop with no GPU.
Hola, alguien puede decirme si puede tener más de 31 interfaces, sucede que al crear mi vlan # 32 recibo este error.
La verificación de parámetros falló. (400)

net32: la propiedad no está definida en el esquema y el esquema no permite propiedades adicionales. Gracias
Hello, we are having the same problem with the swap had had. How have you been able to explain your problem? We have 3 nodes with 96 GB RAM, the RAM consumption is about 30 GB per node. We have a node with 100% Swap, one at 84% used and the last at 23%. Thanks for your help
Hello. I've seen that you had some problems with passing through this GPU as it does not have an UEFI compatible bios. Do you still have that rom and could you send me?
Thank you.
Keith Miller
Is there a list of Techie's here in the States specifically Arizona, some one that could assist on our time zone and of course probably be paid for their time. I'm a private individual, not a corporation, that mean no a whole lot of money to spend on yearly standard contracts, just help every once in a while
Proxmox on ASUS - M5A78L-M-USB3
8 x AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor (1 Socket)
1 x Intel SSD 512 GB
LSI Logic SAS2308 with 6 x 6 TB WD RED
Saw you liked my post suggesting a bounty to port Proxmox to PPC. Do you know how we could identify lead Proxmox developers or support personnel to learn what sort of effort and expense would be involved in creating a supported Proxmox port to PPC?
The like was as I would like to see a wider adoption of Proxmox as I think it is an awesome product.
I have no PPC machines myself.

That said, you could send and email to their general contact email, maybe that might help?

Also, I think the folks with "member" status on the forum are Proxmox devs, so that could be another avenue.


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