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Jan 7, 2015
Hello Forums,

I have been trying to find a solution that works with Proxmox VE that allows for a "PlateSpin" style of server workload migrations. We are going to start using Proxmox VE as our standard but need to find a solution that will help us migrate from Cloud Platforms as well. We have several machines that currently have Shadow Protect however I have not found anyone with regard to how the solution works for restoring into a proxmox environment. I suppose I should just do it to see.. But would like to reach out to the community to see what others are doing to have this style of migration.

For what its worth I know of the Wiki and the cookbooks regarding migrating from one platform to another but the solutions are filled with potential human error and or potential long wait times while converting/copying systems. I want something with little management and realtime "Live" style workload migrations.
your question is a bit too general. ask simple questions and you will get answers here.
OK so it sounds like nobody has done any kind of PlateSpin migration before. I dont want to copy VHD's (taking hours) then convert taking more hours. Sounds like if someone is on a particular platform stick with it. Tom I found your response to be pretty lazy. I paid for a subscription with proxmox and got the this same kind of response when I had an emergency.
If you're referring to the software Storagecraft, you should ask them.

Why do you want to use this kind of software - or more precise - what do you want to accomplish?
Like the OP, I think that the question is how other users have fared using ShadowProtect in a ProxMox environment. If nobody has ever tried it then I guess nobody can help with their review.

But I would really like to hear an answer to the (very old) OP question: how well does ShadowProtect restore in a ProxMox environment?

ShadowProtect is a common tool, so is ProxMox. Would love some reviews/advice on other folks experiences when it all falls apart and bare metal restore becomes required.
Depending on your setup (single node, cluster) the recovery is different. In a Linux environment, I've never needed external, non-OpenSource products to do something and I do not see the point in using ShadowProtect at all, e.g.

if you're
- using ZFS, just do replication or send/receive (including ROOT) and recovery is simple,
- using ext4/lvm just backup your files
and restore bootsector as you would on any other linux.

I do not need a program for that, its Linux Administration 101. Booting a live linux (e.g. via PXE) restore and finished. I've done this literally hundreds of times.
Its been a while and I can say that Storage Craft SPX works fine with KVM installs. The biggest issue is when doing restores from HyperV and or VMWare.. Make sure all tools are removed from the system before your final backup using SPX. Otherwise you will get a bluescreen due to the balloon driver when installing virtio.

We have done many P-V V-V in and out of various platforms into Proxmox and KVM alike.
The best feature is using a headstart restore (THis allows the customer to use the original server while your doing a seeded restore to the proxmox server), once the seed is done, and your ready to cut over run your final incremental backup and finalize the HSR (takes a few min rather than hours while your waiting for the blocks to restore).

OH and by the way for those that didn't understand the term/name PlateSpin. This was a utility that was very popular in early 2008 that allowed for live workload migrations. We used this when migrating into a very nice hypervisor back in the day called Virtual Iron.. that was before Oracle bought them out and killed the product and its customer base.


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