What I would like to see in Proxmox


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Apr 19, 2017
Brasov, Romania
Hi to all,

I would like to see in the future some improvement for a better usability in the web page. Yes now we see many resurces(on each node) like bridges, virtual interfaces, virual HDDs, and so on. Let say I want to what vHDDs I have in use, what vHDD I do not use(the VM/CT was deleted but without the vHDDs), what vHDD are used for some templates. For this I must go on each node and to search this info. The same will be for disabled network interfaces, and for sure are many other info like this.

Maybe a better idea woul be to sumarize this info in the datacenter info, let say with a subtree under datacenter with a name like RESURCES. Under this tree we could see the folowings:

1. vHDD - all vHDD, for VM only, for CT only, for templates, etc - with a note info about: in use by VM/CT, not in use(VM/CT deleted), and on witch storage/storage pool

2. vNetworks(all, for VM....maybe also with a note for vlan and/or with the name of the parent bridge)

3. vCPU(per each phisicall node), so I can see very easy that on node X I have in use n1 online vCPU(VM/CT are running) from a total of p(maybe some VM/CT are stopped)

Thx. for what we allready have now in Proxmox!
I'd like to see incremental and faster backups, more flexibel ressource monitoring, freenas-zfs-storage plugin,multi-cluster mamagement, more flexibel ceph management (partitions as OSDs, OSD/Pool grouping, multi ceph cluster, replication, etc.), better virtual disk management per vm, free beer and sunshine... ;-)

Cheers Knuuut
In addition to all of this, I would like the backup process to be able to delete orphaned backups. If a VM no longer exists for the backup files, remove all the backup files for the no longer existing VM.
Yes very good point ! If a VM is wrongly deleted, you'll be so happy to see that the backup has removed everything that could help you recovering your mistake

But nobody say that this must be done automaticaly, after 3 seconds when you delete your VM/CT. This could be done let say by hand after you are sure that indeed you do not need it that VM/CT(1-3 weeks after).
Yes very good point ! If a VM is wrongly deleted, you'll be so happy to see that the backup has removed everything that could help you recovering your mistake o_O

At least provide the option to delete the backups when deleting the VMs. A simple tick box is all it would take.
Individual HDD activity in the RRD graphs would be my most wanted feature!

And a HA where I can define resource constraints, if a VMHost is bogged down for example, I'd want VMs to be moved..
Bring back storage summary page to show 'available' disk remaining. It was gone somewhere in PVE ver. 4.4
It would be nice if Proxmox would support out of the box directory sharing for Linux/Windows VMs/CTs.


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