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VM's and Web interface unreachable during backup to Freenas NFS

Discussion in 'Proxmox VE 1.x: Installation and configuration' started by neeko, May 2, 2012.

  1. neeko

    neeko New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
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    The Problem:

    During backup of a mixed virtual machine environment (kvm, openvz) the proxmox web interface becomes unreachable and the virtual machines become unavailable for a period of time while they are being backed up. Each machine becomes unreachable one by one as it begins its back up. Eventually, it comes back online and is reachable over the network again. The backups are being done as snapshots and are being directed to a NAS share on a freenas server on our local network. Additionally, the freenas share as well as other cifs shares on the freenas server become unavailable to other windows machines on the lan. We also have another proxmox server with a similar configuration that we are not backing up yet. It too has the NFS share mounted and becomes unavailable via the web interface at the same time as the proxmox server performing the backups.

    The Hardware:

    Intel server with 2 sockets each populated with a quad core hyper-threading xeon X5650 @ 2.67gh. Proxmox sees 24 cores. There is 36 GB of DDR3 installed. We have 4 3TB hard drives in RAID 10. The array is partitioned into a 95 GB root partition with an additional 5087 TB LVM mounted for virtual disk storage.

    Proxmox software:

    Proxmox version: pve-manager/1.9/6567
    Kernel Version: Linux 2.6.32-7-pve #1 SMP Mon Feb 13 07:33:21 CET 2012

    Our Virtual Machines:

    101 alstr-dc-1 8192 350.00 4242 (KVM) Win Server 2K8 R2
    102 winvm03 1024 64.00 4210 (KVM) Win 7 Pro X64
    103 alstr-dc-2 8192 64.00 4085 (KVM) Win Server 2K8 R2
    107 winvm02 4096 32.00 6744 (KVM) Win 7 Pro X64
    108 winvm01 4096 32.00 6903 (KVM) Win 7 Pro X64
    120 linva109 (OPENVZ) Ubuntu 10.04

    I am trying to determine why the web interface on both proxmox machines becomes available while only one server is performing backups. Also why the VM’s on the LVM cannot be reached on the network while being backed up using a snapshot. I almost suspect that they are being stopped/restarted at some point during the backup process. I was under the impression that using snapshot on an LVM would allow the VM’s to stay online during the entire backup process.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. tom

    tom Proxmox Staff Member
    Staff Member

    Aug 29, 2006
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    please post the backup log.
  3. neeko

    neeko New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
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    the log's for the individual VM's like thise one? :

    proxmox1:/var/log/vzdump# cat qemu-102.log
    Apr 28 01:47:56 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 102 (qemu)
    Apr 28 01:47:56 INFO: running
    Apr 28 01:47:56 INFO: status = running
    Apr 28 01:47:56 INFO: backup mode: snapshot
    Apr 28 01:47:56 INFO: ionice priority: 7
    Apr 28 01:47:57 INFO: Logical volume "vzsnap-proxmox1-0" created
    Apr 28 01:47:57 INFO: creating archive '/mnt/pve/freeNas0/vzdump-qemu-102-2012_04_28-01_47_56.tar'
    Apr 28 01:47:57 INFO: adding '/mnt/pve/freeNas0/vzdump-qemu-102-2012_04_28-01_47_56.tmp/qemu-server.conf' to archive ('qemu-server.conf')
    Apr 28 01:47:57 INFO: adding '/dev/pm1storage/vzsnap-proxmox1-0' to archive ('vm-disk-ide0.raw')
    Apr 28 01:52:05 INFO: Total bytes written: 2560 (0.00 MiB/s)
    Apr 28 01:52:05 INFO: archive file size: 2KB
    Apr 28 01:52:05 INFO: Logical volume "vzsnap-proxmox1-0" successfully removed
    Apr 28 01:52:05 INFO: Finished Backup of VM 102 (00:04:09)

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