Using transports to trap spam and ham learning addresses


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Feb 25, 2022
Hi All,

I'm new to Proxmox pmg. I moved from Xwall for various reasons.

One of the issues in leaving Xwall was the simple task of adding learn-spam, and learn-not-spam for the bayes filter. by simply creating two mailadresses (i used spam@spam.spam and notspam@spam.spam) in the xwall, causing internal users sending mail to these adresses to force learn the bayes.

I'm missing a feature like this in pmg. I can see from other forum posts that I'm not the only one, but there is no prepackaged solution on the horizon.

I was thinking about resolving it with the use of the mail relay transports tab, and adding my spam and ham adresses here, pointing to the local server as delivery target.
then on the pmg configure receipt of mails for these adresses
and finally creating cronjob to take the mail in the two users inboxes ad feeding it to sa-learn, then deleiting the mail from the folder.

Since I'm new to pmg and the setup (and new to linux mail) I was wondering if there are anyone here that may have an idea about how to actually achieve this ?




New Member
Feb 25, 2022
It's among other things spam like this that i want to send to sa-learn
These mails score 0/5:
Feb 25 19:19:34 razor postfix/smtpd[24167]: connect from[]
Feb 25 19:19:35 razor postfix/smtpd[24167]: BE8D75810F1:[]
Feb 25 19:19:36 razor postfix/cleanup[24172]: BE8D75810F1: message-id=<>
Feb 25 19:19:36 razor postfix/qmgr[23377]: BE8D75810F1: from=<>, size=14208, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Feb 25 19:19:36 razor pmg-smtp-filter[21706]: 5810F462191DB80EEF0: new mail message-id=<>#012
Feb 25 19:19:36 razor postfix/smtpd[24167]: disconnect from[] ehlo=2 starttls=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 rset=1 quit=1 commands=8
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor pmg-smtp-filter[21706]: 5810F462191DB80EEF0: SA score=0/5 time=3.246 bayes=undefined autolearn=no autolearn_force=no hits=DKIM_SIGNED(0.1),DKIM_VALID(-0.1),DKIM_VALID_AU(-0.1),DKIM_VALID_EF(-0.1),HTML_FONT_LOW_CONTRAST(0.001),HTML_MESSAGE(0.001),JMQ_SPF_NEUTRAL(0.5),MIME_HTML_ONLY(0.1),SPF_HELO_NONE(0.001),SPF_PASS(-0.001),T_SCC_BODY_TEXT_LINE(-0.01)
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/smtpd[24178]: connect from localhost.localdomain[]
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/smtpd[24178]: 66606581101: client=localhost.localdomain[],[]
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/cleanup[24172]: 66606581101: message-id=<>
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/qmgr[23377]: 66606581101: from=<>, size=15248, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/smtpd[24178]: disconnect from localhost.localdomain[] ehlo=1 xforward=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 commands=5
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor pmg-smtp-filter[21706]: 5810F462191DB80EEF0: accept mail to <> (66606581101) (rule: default-accept)
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor pmg-smtp-filter[21706]: 5810F462191DB80EEF0: processing time: 3.37 seconds (3.246, 0.063, 0)
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/lmtp[24174]: BE8D75810F1: to=<my@mailaddress.d>, relay=[]:10024, delay=4.1, delays=0.64/0.05/0/3.4, dsn=2.5.0, status=sent (250 2.5.0 OK (5810F462191DB80EEF0))
Feb 25 19:19:39 razor postfix/qmgr[23377]: BE8D75810F1: removed


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