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Jul 25, 2021
Hello everyone,

I'm really new in the word of hypervisor and VMS. Basically I'm after a short experience with exsi, but exsi do not give any GPU support except to the Enterprise Plus service that the give and is not fitting my budget, but I have to say it was a comfortable hypervisor.

Anyhow proxmox is look like very fitting to and the price that the ask for my test is ok, and if there is need i willing to pay.

But do I need it in this stage for my test??

My test is to use the PVE on a Dell poweredge R730 - with 2 Xeon e5-2698v3 and 512 GB of ddr4, and one GPU card, Nvidia Tesla k80 with 2 GPU unit that have 12 gddr memory.

My willing is to give 70% of the resource to one VMS with 100% of the GPU in passthrough mode, and the rest of the power for experiment.

The strong VMS need to do calculation linear and parallel, that send from my workstation PC.

I would love to here yours options.




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Jun 30, 2020
Its totally fine for testing because there are no limited features running it without a license except for:
1.) no access to the better tested enterprise repository
2.) no fast personal (ticket/remote login) support by the proxmox staff

But the support forums are great (staff will answer here too) and there is a no-subscription repository that isn't missing any packages.
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May 20, 2017
I think the pricing page at answers your question pretty well:

A subscription provides access to the stable Proxmox VE Enterprise Repository delivering reliable software updates and security enhancements, and to technical help and support.

In other words: yes, not having a subscription for testing is fine, because you don't need reliable software updates and security enhancements in that case. You may need technical help and support, but the community offers that.


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