Status Report Details don't match up


Jul 9, 2016

I've got a very simple PMG setup that receives very few emails. I get the daily status report and then I look at the Tracking Center and the number of emails don't match.

The Status Report says that Incoming mails = 8 and junk mails = 8. When I go to the Tracking Center and put in the same date/time frame I get no emails in my search.

What am I doing wrong?

please post the anonymized mail.log (files matching '/var/log/mail.log*') for the corresponding timeframe
Thanks for the request. I'd like to ask some questions first. I want to make sure I'm not assuming anything bad/wrong about the emailed report and what the tracking center reports.

The emailed report has a section called "Incoming Mails (24 hours)". In that section it lists "incoming Mails" as 9 and "Junk Mails" as 9.

I'm assuming that is for the previous day/24 hours (local time). When I go to the Mail Gateway "Tracking Center" and do a search for that time frame, I get no hits at all.

Thanks for the mail.log* file tip. I've been going through the logs to figure out what exactly is going on.

After a little research, I don't think that the report emailed each day is accurate. I was unable to fine 9 of anything that looks like it received an email and classified it as Junk.

The next day the numbers were 12 for both. I'm wondering if the numbers are cumulative or not being reset...

Well, here are the log entries for Oct 3 2019 and here's a copy of the email: Proxmox Status Report - 2019-10-03

System Status
Uptime3 days 15:38
Incoming Mails (24 hours)
Incoming Mails6
Junk Mails (100.00%)6
Spam Mails (0.00%)0
SPF rejects (0.00%)0
Bounces (0.00%)0
Virus Mails (0.00%)0
Mail Traffic0.000 MByte
Outgoing Mails (24 hours)
Outgoing Mails0
Mail Traffic0.000 MByte


  • mail.log
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Yes that was a big help in understanding that not all the information is in the log on why an email was not showing in the search. Postfix using postscreen would eliminate a connection or email before getting to PMG/Postfix. I still find it curious that some of the connections that are on/in rbl's still get through far enough to be rejected and visible in a search in the tracking center. I'll try to do some more research on why rbl hits make it far enough to the smtp/postfix server.

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