[SOLVED] How to setup NAT with one of my 4 public IP's?


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Apr 11, 2022

I'm sorry I am aware this is probably the most basic of questions but can't seem to figure it out after several articles and youtube videos!

I have a new dedicated server with PVE installed. I have 4 public IP addresses.

I plan to use xx.xx.135.199 for the management of PVE and two of the other public IP's (xx.xx.135.200 and xx.xx.135.201) directly on VM's that will host web servers.

However I would like to create a private network for several other guest VM's (test web server, test client desktop and some other testing/evaluation stuff), and setup NAT for my last IP xx.xx.135.202. My understanding from reading up on PVE before I started was that PVE could act as the router in this instance, forwarding incoming traffic to the private network just like my home router does.

At the moment I have an /etc/network/interfaces file that looks thusly:

auto primary
iface primary inet static
        address xx.xx.135.199/32
        gateway xx.xx.135.193
        pointopoint xx.xx.135.193
        post-up echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
        post-up echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/primary/proxy_arp
iface enpls0f0 inet manual

auto vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
        address xx.xx.135.199/32
        bridge-ports none
        bridge-stp off
        bridge-fd 0
        up ip route add xx.xx.135.200/32 dev vmbr0
        up ip route add xx.xx.135.201/32 dev vmbr0
auto vmbr1
iface vmbr1 inet static
        bridge-ports none
        bridge-stp off
        bridge-fd 0
        up ip route add dev vmbr1

When I create a VM, connect it's network card to vmbr0 and set the guest OS to IP xx.xx.135.200 with gateway xx.xx.135.199 it works great. VM gets the public IP allocated straight to it.

When I create a VM, connect its network card to vmbr1 and the guest OS to IP with mask and gateway of, the guest cannot access the wider internet. It can ping (or indeed if I create another VM and connect it to vmbr1). But it cannot ping and is unable to resolve hostnames if I try to ping bbc.co.uk

Is this possible? Can someone explain to a n00b out of his depth how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for any insight :)
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Hi, you should have a look at section "3.3.6. Masquerading (NAT) with iptables" of the Proxmox VE administration guide, which discusses this kind of NAT setup. Basically, your vmbr1 config would look something like:
auto vmbr1
iface vmbr1 inet static
        bridge-ports none
        bridge-stp off
        bridge-fd 0
        # enable routing
        post-up   echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward       
        # Add rule to rewrite(masquerade) outgoing packets from vmbr1
        # to appear as coming from the IP address of <out-interface>, e.g. vmbr0
        post-up   iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s '' -o <out-interface> -j MASQUERADE
        post-down iptables -t nat -D POSTROUTING -s '' -o <out-interface> -j MASQUERADE

        # in case you have a firewall enabled, the following lines may also be required (see docs)
        post-up   iptables -t raw -I PREROUTING -i fwbr+ -j CT --zone 1
        post-down iptables -t raw -D PREROUTING -i fwbr+ -j CT --zone 1
        # finally, in case you want the VMs on vmbr1 to be accessible, from the
        # internet, you will need to forward ports.
        # you can duplicate these entries as much as necessary
        # note: '<in-interface>' will be public facing interface which packets are routed through, e.g., vmbr0
        post-up   iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i <in-interface> -p <PROTOCOL> --dport <HOST-PORT> -j DNAT --to-destination <VM-IP-ADDR>:<VM-PORT>
        post-down iptables -t nat -D PREROUTING -i <in-interface> -p <PROTOCOL> --dport <HOST-PORT> -j DNAT --to-destination <VM-IP-ADDR>:<VM-PORT>

In case you don't want traffic routed through vmbr0, you could also add the remaining public IP to an unused interface.

[1] https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/pve-admin-guide.html#sysadmin_network_configuration
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Ahh that's great thank you. Yes I think that's exactly what I was looking for - just didn't know what to search for!

Thank you :)
No problem. Would you mind marking the thread as solved so that others can find it easier? :)


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