pveperf results with Samsung SSD (MMCRE64G5MXP-0VB)


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Aug 29, 2006
Today the new samsung SSD arrived in our test labs and the performance is really nice. I installed Proxmox VE and some guests, very fast and for testing and demonstrations quite impressive.

I installed a Ubuntu 9.04 as a KVM guest and starting applications like OpenOffice is extremely fast. Also OpenVZ benefits a lot from the seek time of 0,1 ms - running the Proxmox Mail Gateway was also incredible.

here are the results of pveperf:
(Intel CPU X3220, Intel entry level server board, single SSD on ICH9)

samsung-ssd:~# pveperf
CPU BOGOMIPS:      19155.36
REGEX/SECOND:      774527
HD SIZE:           14.52 GB (/dev/pve/root)
BUFFERED READS:    210.65 MB/sec
FSYNCS/SECOND:     2500.97
DNS EXT:           24.98 ms
DNS INT:           0.74 ms (proxmox.com)
For using in production system:
Due to the high price for reliable SLC SSD (SLC have much better write performance than our MLC samsung SSD) and some needed optimizations in the file systems which will happen to future Kernels SSD is still no mainstream technology but it is definitely the future and virtualization will benefit a lot from SSD.


Jun 5, 2008
Very nice.
I know it's not a big name brand like Samsung or Intel, but I just obtained one of these recently:

It is absolutely amazing for the price, I am seeing 105 - 160MB/s writes and 190-230MB/s reads. I don't have it available any longer to plug into a machine where I can use Proxmox VE's pveperf on it, though, sorry.

It doesn't seem to "stutter" and stop responding occasionally like many other SSDs do after some use.


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