Proxmox with Storage Server

Luis Pesaressi

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May 8, 2019
Hi, I want install Proxmox (3 Nodes HP Proliant ) and add a storage server (hp storage 2000), I read configuration with 3 nodes with internal disk for proxmos and 1 more disk for HA, but I can´t view any configuration with storage server, some body know how can make this configuration for more "HA" or more fast recovery VM


I read configuration with 3 nodes with internal disk for proxmos and 1 more disk for HA
Where did you read this? It sounds a bit weird to me.

I read configuration with 3 nodes with internal disk for proxmos and 1 more disk for HA
The way to go with a central storage is to export the storage as either iSCSI or NFS. See our documentation for supported storage types.

If you do this use a separate physical network to connect to the storage to avoid problems. The storage traffic an saturate the network quite easily and block other services that need to use it.
Hi Aaron Thank for you answer, well I read in all forum than configure Proxmox in a server (node) in a one disk and other disk (each node) for HA, all samples have this configuración 1 disk for proxmox a 1 disk for VM (HA), but I new using Proxmox and I would like intall proxmox with raid 1 in each server (node) and VM in my storage server , server connected to storage for Fiber, my question is : this configuration is possible ??, for mor fast recovery the VM...??

Yes using a central storage server for the VMs is possible. Use either iSCSI or NFS to export the storage to the Proxmox servers.
Please check our documentation for more details.
i am a bit confused, i myself have an MSA2040 unit which has 4 SAS ports , connected to 4 separate servers, and configured for shared access of the LUN's i have configured.

as far as i can derive from your info :
  • You have 3 server
  • you have a MSA2000
  • It is physically connected to ONE server over SAS (server 3) ?
please elaborate ?
OCFS2, you need build OCFS2 cluster on Proxmox.

1. Build OCFS2 cluster ( it is very very basci )
2. Mount OCFS2 folder on all host with same folder name like /mnt/SANSTORAGE
3. add that folder to data storage also select shared folder. Then all host can access to that storage area at same time..

* OCFS2 system not have compression feature because of that Linux will wirte to "0" to disk...

But if that SAS device can not share same stora area for all host and give diffrent partition to each one; you can make with GlusterFS. I get neerly same IO and BW with Ceph from GlusterFS via ZFS backend also GlusterFS can compression via ZFS because of that I can manage many guest in very little storage area :)


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