Proxmox VE Support Subscriptions - and why everybody should buy one

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    What benefit and services do you get?

    You get commercial support and help via several support channels, and guaranteed access to the Proxmox VE repositories for updates and bug fixes.

    Every Open Source project needs to be financed by a strong company behind, and that is Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH in our case. The strong ecosystem around the project guarantees a long term stability, good code quality and fast bug fixing and very important - the development of new features.

    Before I forget it, Proxmox VE is already 4 years old - Happy birthday!

    Proxmox VE is Open Source software - so why should you pay for it?

    You pay for services and support. You do not pay for the Proxmox VE license, as its aGPLv3.

    Support Subscription prices start with € 64,90 (just € 5,41 per month and CPU socket) - buy now!

    For more details see:

    Keep connected and happy virtualization with Proxmox VE!!!
    Best regards,

    Martin Maurer
    Proxmox VE project leader
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