Proxmox support for ASRock C2750D4I or ASRock C2550D4I


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Oct 23, 2015

I am thinking of buying one of the following motherboards:

1) ASRock C2750D4I (with C2750 8-core CPU), or

2) ASRock C2550D4I (with 2550 4-core CPU)

I am looking to use the above hardware for creating 5-6 VMs. VMs will include a File server, a mysql server, a sabma 4 server (for 3-4 users), a windows machine just for itunes and a download manager.

My questions are:

1) does proxmox supports the above motherboards, and
2) if it does which one is better to use for proxmox? Will proxmox utilize the 8-core CPU (C2750) or will the performance of the C2550 (4-core CPU) be close to the C2750 cpu?

Thanks for your help,

the C2750 is awesome, i have a system that runs around 18 KVM VM's on it without issues. We did originally test the C2750D4I but ended up returning it and going with the SuperMicro A1SAi-2750F board instead as it has more Intel Nic's and seems to take 16gb so-dimms without issue. I would say for the small money difference the c2750 would be a worth it over the c2550 but both depending on your loads would do 5-6 vm's. One thought on the supermicro vs asrock is the ability to put your file server and samba on separate nic allow more bandwidth if that is a concern.
Hi notfixingit and thanks for the quick reply. I also considered the SuperMicro A1SAi-2750F but I later decide that it might be better to go with the Asrock because the SuperMicro has a lot of proprietary requirements which I though it might not be that good (please correct me if you believe differently). Also for my setup I am guessing I will need 32GBs (4x8 GBs) therefore using 16gbs dimms might not be a reason for me to choose SuperMicro over Asrock. Of course I have not decided yet so any comments are welcome.

Did you had a change to try out the Asrock with the Proxmox? If yes did you find anything that is not working?

Also do you have any data regarding the power consumption of the SuperMicro A1SAi-2750F. How much power does it consumes when normal load?

Thanks for the help,

We did have some issues with the Marvell SE9230 on the asrock giving intermittent read failures with both WD Red and HGST Drives as causing zfs to freak out but I think I read somewhere that either a firmware or driver update resolved this issue. Also we had a problem with the realtek IPMI not wanting to link to our Force10 S60 switch but worked fine with a HP 1810, but obviously that's minor.

Proprietary requirements on the supermicro? I don't remember any, it's just a standard mini itx.

Power wise under load it's at 46w right now and on average it looks like 22-26w at night under light load. This is with 2 SSD, 4 HGST drives, and all 5 nic's connected.
Excellent and thanks for all the help notfixingit. I will have another look at the SuperMicro A1SAi-2750F before finally deciding which one is best. Also I have found this link ( for updating the Marvel firmware to resolve the stability issues. So it seems that they might indeed have fix the issues you are describing.

Also although that the power consumption you are sharing is already low enough for my setup I am guessing that it should be even lower in my case since I will be using just three HD drivers (two of them with green technology). Even further if I choose an appropriate power supply it should lower the power consumption perhaps even lower. Which power supply are you using?


Hi notfixingit,

Eventually I am thinking to buy the Asrock c2550D4i (since it is cheaper and available). Do you believe it will be enough for my needs specified above?


Really it depends on your bandwidth and cpu requirements, if it's heavy mySQL instance for example, you could easly use 100% of the box. We honestly though run into max nic cards and memory issues though before CPU problems. But unless your running heavy VM's, it should be more than enough.

On a side note, if your not buying right away, keep an eye on the new D1540D4U-2T08R coming out. ServeTheHome has a write up on it.
Hi notfixingit what do you mean by "heavy" mySQL instance? Does heavy mean a lot of concurrent connections or simply one that is making a lot of requests? I read online somewhere that the c2750 can handle a lot of concurrent connections like downloading a lot of torrents at the same time without breaking a sweat.

I will not be using a lot of clients for this box. I will only have a few kodi boxes requesting some data from the mysql database, backing up my iphone and old macbook air (wirelessly), saving/retrieving some data on my samba server and perhaps downloading some data so I will not have to have my main pc on all the time. So I am assuming the c2550 should be more than enough for my needs at least for now.

My concern is that if the c2550 or c2750 is that good I might considered creating more vms in the future. These VMs can include:

1) A mythtv server (with a tv tuner card on the pci express slot if possible) to capture some of my tv series when I am not at home,
2) install motion software ( to capture traffic from 1-2 ip cameras, or
3) install intrusion detection (snort

Of course these softwares are very heavy on the cpu side so even the c2750 might not be able to handle anyway. In this case I better stick with c2550 which is cheaper and consumes less power as well.

What do you think?
Hi notfixingit,

sorry to bother you again. Do you have any comment from my above questions?




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