Proxmox Network configuration with two switches and storage


May 9, 2014
we are testing a new configuration (adding much redundancy) but we are not sure about network configuration. Our Set-up is:
- two servers with one 1Gbit network card
- Plus One 10Gbit network card with two ports (for the storage back-end)
- Two storage QNAP with One 10Gbit network card with two ports
- Two switches 10Gbit ports

We are not sure, in this network "Star Topology with 2 switches" the right network card configuration.
We do know if is correct to use a bonding configuration and if yes, witch one have to be used.
The same question apply to the switches
Any suggestion is appreciated
thank you


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I would use a bond with active-backup mode.
Hello Wolfgang,
i'm sorry to bother you again, the bond with active-backup work fine: even with one switch switched off I always PING from Proxmox to the Storage QNAP! However I am having a different issue probably connected with my poor understanding on networking theory.
When I try to add the storage (NFS or iSCSI) from the bond 10Gbit network card (LAN vmbr1/bond0) , I am not able to see the QNAP storage. To see the QNAP storage I need to connect it with 1Gbit Network card (LAN vmbr0). I am sending you a screenshot of the net configuration.
Thank you


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You need no vmbr, just assign the IP to the bond.

If you can ping it you would guess it is a QNAP setup problem.
Are you sure you allowed the network to access the NFS server?
Thank you again. You are right. Something wrong with the QNAP, but not with the configuration that I checked many times and it is ok.
The strange thing is that if I disconnect/connect QNAP network 1Gbit, (LAN the NFS service start not responding on Proxmox,
even if the NFS QNAP storage is connected on Proxmox via LAN (network card 10Gbit).
In this scenario I need to restart the NFS service on QNAP. Basically if the 1Gbit network card (or the switch) go down the NFS service on the other network 10Gbit stop to communicate with Proxmox.

But this is another story not related with the ultrastable Proxmox environment.....
thank you very much Wolfgang


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