Proxmox hangs daily


Sep 2, 2019

Three weeks ago I started to experience unexpected hangs of my proxmox node on a daily basis.
The strange thing that part of the VMs are still running and can be accessed through ssh, but not the main server. Only the hard reboot of the server helps.

I spent some time to find out the reason, but no luck.
I will appreciate any help that can point me to the rised problem.

Syslog and kernel log are attached. Last hang happened today 2019-09-02 (but seems that the problem happened on 2019-08-29 as the kernel log stopped at that time).


  • syslog.txt
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  • kern.log
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You attached a pvereport in the file syslog.txt - which contains quite valuable information - but probably the syslog (or rather the journalctl output around the time the server resets) is needed as well.

from the pvereport:
* `proxmox-ve: 5.1-32 (running kernel: 4.13.13-2-pve)` - PVE 5.1 is quite outdated - the latest PVE 5.x is PVE5.4 - please upgrade since there have been tons of bugfixes and also fixes for security-vulnerabilities in between - maybe this is already enough to fix your problem!
* `26743 root 20 0 2482408 6012 4000 S 6.2 0.0 0:05.23 ivrappD.exe` - Since I haven't encountered it yet - what is the ivrappD.exe? (it is not a process regularly seen on a PVE-node AFAIK
* your BIOS/Firmware has a date from 2017 - please update to the latest available version for your board, since many bugs get fixed by that route as well.

In any case make sure to enable persistent journaling - that way you have a better chance to see what happens shortly before a crash:
`mkdir /var/log/journal`
`systemctl restart systemd-journald`

Hope this helps!
Hi, thanks a lot!

I started with a SATA cable replacement and it seems that the problem is gone, but made the steps to add some additional logs.
Glad to hear that you found the cause of your issue.
Please mark the thread as 'SOLVED' - it helps others who look for a similar problem



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