Proxmox HA 2-Node-Cluster -- Quorum


Oct 4, 2012

we have running a proxmox HA-Cluster 2 nodes version 3.0-13 for about 1.5 years now without any problems.
The quorum is located on a windows 2012 server and I want to perform some updates to this machine and therefore a reboot
is needed.
I remember last time I did this, the cluster noticed that quorum is missing and started to switch to the other node running.
But this also means that the machines will be powerd down and rebooted a few seconds later on the other node.

Is there a way to disable cluster-function for a while to perform the updates at the windows-machine and start them later again without
having risk that one of both nodes power down and/or the virtual machines switched to the other node?

Maybe it is enough to stop cman, but I am not sure.

Would be great if somebody can give me a hint.



New Member
Nov 26, 2014
I some cases, you might prefer to put a node back to local mode without reinstall, which is described here:
  • stop the cluster file system in /etc/pve/
# service pve-cluster stop

  • start it again but forcing local mode
# pmxcfs -l

  • remove the cluster config
# rm /etc/pve/cluster.conf
# rm /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
# rm /var/lib/pve-cluster/corosync.authkey

  • stop the cluster file system again
# service pve-cluster stop

  • restart pve services (or reboot)
# service pve-cluster start
# service pvedaemon restart
# service pveproxy restart
# service pvestatd restart


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