proxmox-backup-client for windows ?

Having backup clients for other operating systems is on our roadmap, but there is no fixed timeframe. This holds especially for Windows, unfortunately.
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If it goes somewhere near what VEEAM does it can be a real game-changer....
I'm also running PBS + Veeam and would prefer to just run PBS. Running Veeam Backup & Replication with deduplication got way too much hardware requirements for a small Homelab setup with very few Windows hosts/guests.
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Is it a matter of money? If so I think we could find enough people to financially support the development of such a thing.
Is it a matter of money? If so I think we could find enough people to financially support the development of such a thing.
I believe it is more than just money. Consider you start supporting just Windows Client Backup, next people will call for Windows Server backup, next SQL, Exchange, SharePoint.... this is a very huge project. So resources needed are quite huge....
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D'accord, but consider this: the majority of admins using PBS are well versed in supporting multiple OSes and have to support them on a daily basis.
Having an agent for Windows Server, without any drapings like M$SQL, EXCH etc., just an agent to backup the server from within, would be a huge advantage, especially in situations, where a migration to proxmox and PBS is a possibility or pending. To move Server VM Backups from [insert name of product] to PBS gives IT people an edge in arguing for the move. (and less headaches)
With the speed and reliability PBS works, it is, in my opinion, not strictly necessary to have extra agents for the mentioned applications, because a completely safed machine can be restored and the data extracted (although it would be nice to have :))
And I could definitely live with a perpetual beta, if it works
For me just a proxmox-backup-client Win binary that could use VSS to backup some NTFS folders would be totally fine.
Sure, that would be a good start. But even then... Windows 8? 8.1? 10 with its endless sub-builds? What about Windows 11?
Sure, all of them have VSS in Basic, but even the great global VEEAM-Company has often Problems keeping it stable for all OS-Versions when it comes to Version-Specific-Problems in VSS.... I guess it might hard to support all of this. But maybe some day.... if we keep going spreading around PVE and PBS.... ;-)
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Same for MacOS ... it would be even fine to have the source code to be able to build it ourselves ... can't have too many dependencies since it is a console application only, right?


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