Proxmox 2.3 Cluster to 3.1 Upgrade


Apr 13, 2010
So i hope you all bare with me... I am trying to upgrade a datacenter of 3 proxmox 2.3 nodes to the newest 3.1... i haven't been keeping up too well with everything, but i wanted to get some advice on how i should go about the upgrade?

I have read the wiki info to upgrade from 2.3 to 3.0 it all sounds great, but since i have a cluster of three, what would be the best way to upgrade with "Minimal" to "No" down time? and the question is if i update say node 3 to 3.0 will that node disassociate with the cluster?

Any help is very appreciated!


Dec 27, 2012
unfortunatelly there is no "minimal or NO" downtime in your setup. I also have 4 node setup running on 2.3v. and Im not hurry to update as this will by pain in the a.s and so far cluster running without problems so I will wait.
Recomended scenario is make complete backup and start clear installation, create cluster and import backups. You cant run cluster with different version of proxmox.


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Oct 28, 2012
Calgary, Canada
If you are very very cautious and do not want to take any risk, follow the last paragraph titled "New Installation on New Hardware" in the Upgrade Wiki. Steps to follow would be:
1. Use a 4th machine and install fresh Proxmox 3.1. Do not create or add any cluster.
2. Backup/Restore VMs one by one in offline mode into new node using a shared storage.
3. After all VMs has been restored into the new node, delete VMs from old nodes and start upgrading existing nodes.
4. Reboot all old nodes and make sure everything working.
5. Add the 4th new node to the cluster and start migrating all VMs to desire nodes.
6. After all VMs are moved delete the temporary node from the cluster.

Its somewhat time consuming but almost sure way to ensure there are no significant down time. Only down time is the time it will take to restore each VM into new node. if anything goes majorly wrong with upgrade you can just install fresh on all nodes and recreate the cluster. Hope this helps.


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Feb 17, 2010
Torino, Italy
I did like this and worked well, minimal downtime

1) two 2.1 nodes cluster
2) all vm shared storage (nfs or lvm/iscsi)
3) migrated all vm to node 1
4) upgraded node 2 from 2.1 to 3.1
5) stopped vm on node 1, migrated offline to node 2, restarted (few seconds downtime each)
6) repeated for all vm
7) upgraded node 1 from 2.1 to 3.1
8) moved back vm to each original node

Not the recommended path but worked flawlessly ;)



Apr 13, 2010
Hi thanks all i reread the guid to upgrade:

There was a section on cluster upgrades... so i followed that, made sure i had backups and upgraded each server individually. The cluster didn't break, i just needed to reboot and it worked well.

here is the exert from the site:

Cluster upgrades

  • stop or migrate all VM/CT to another node (live or offline)
  • run the upgrade and reboot
  • migrate or start the VM/CT on this 3.0 node and check if everything is working as expect. Also live-migrate should work.
  • do the same with all other nodes, step by step

This helped me...



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