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Discussion in 'Debian Appliance Builder' started by geor8, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Hi all!
    I conected to proxmox one storage via lc and one via sas. And in proxmox i don't see the second storage. My server is dell r910 and my sas controller - dell perc h800. Trying to resolve this problem, i install dell open manage. omreport storage controller show me that proxmox see the controller:
    ID : 1
    Status : Non-Critical
    Name : PERC H800 Adapter
    Slot ID : PCI Slot 2
    State : Degraded
    Firmware Version : 12.10.4-0001
    Latest Available Firmware Version : 12.10.5-0001
    Driver Version :
    Minimum Required Driver Version : Not Applicable
    Storport Driver Version : Not Applicable
    Minimum Required Storport Driver Version : Not Applicable
    Number of Connectors : 2
    Rebuild Rate : 30%
    BGI Rate : 30%
    Check Consistency Rate : 30%
    Reconstruct Rate : 30%
    Alarm State : Not Applicable
    Cluster Mode : Not Applicable
    SCSI Initiator ID : Not Applicable
    Cache Memory Size : 512 MB
    Patrol Read Mode : Auto
    Patrol Read State : Stopped
    Patrol Read Rate : 30%
    Patrol Read Iterations : 0
    Abort Check Consistency on Error : Disabled
    Allow Revertible Hot Spare and Replace Member : Enabled
    Load Balance : Auto
    Auto Replace Member on Predictive Failure : Disabled
    Redundant Path view : Not Applicable
    CacheCade Capable : Not Applicable
    Persistent Hot Spare : Disabled
    Encryption Capable : Yes
    Encryption Key Present : No
    Encryption Mode : None
    Preserved Cache : Not Applicable
    Spin Down Unconfigured Drives : Disabled
    Spin Down Hot Spares : Disabled
    Spin Down Configured Drives : Not Applicable
    Automatic Disk Power Saving (Idle C) : Not Applicable

    But fdisk -l don't show me the second storage

    What i do wrong?

    P.S. Sorry for my pure english
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