[SOLVED] problem with mounting cephfs from Ubuntu 22.04 vm via a kernel driver


Jul 25, 2019
When I'm trying to mount cephfs from the proxmox cluster 6.4 with ceph 15.2.15 to the vm client Ubuntu 22.04 I'm getting an error:

$ sudo cat /etc/ceph/ceph.conf


     auth_client_required = cephx

     auth_cluster_required = cephx

     auth_service_required = cephx

     cluster_network =

     fsid = 8fc87072-5946-466f-a10a-6fa9bd6fa925

     mon_allow_pool_delete = true

     mon_host =

     osd_pool_default_min_size = 2

     osd_pool_default_size = 3

     public_network =


     keyring = /etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring


$ sudo ceph fs ls

name: cephfs, metadata pool: cephfs_metadata, data pools: [cephfs_data ]

$ sudo ceph fsid


$ sudo mount.ceph client.admin@8fc87072-5946-466f-a10a-6fa9bd6fa925.cephfs=/ /mnt

mount error: no mds server is up or the cluster is laggy

But with ceph-fuse all is fine:

$ sudo ceph-fuse -n client.admin /mnt
2022-11-03T20:03:30.408+0300 7f16644e5200 -1 init, newargv = 0x556f15178a80 newargc=13
2022-11-03T20:03:30.408+0300 7f16644e5200 -1 init, args.argv = 0x556f15178bd0 args.argc=4
ceph-fuse[4405]: starting ceph client
ceph-fuse[4405]: starting fuse

$ df -h /mnt
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
ceph-fuse        15T   23G   15T   1% /mnt

What's wrong?
Problem was with the user name in the mount command:
$ sudo mount.ceph admin@8fc87072-5946-466f-a10a-6fa9bd6fa925.cephfs=/ /mnt $ df -h /mnt Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on,, 15T 23G 15T 1% /mnt


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