PMG smtp behind nginx stream


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Jun 10, 2021
Dear community!

I am currently trying to install Proxmox Mail Gateway behind a load balancer. This is because I have limited availability of public IP addresses and want to combine things.

Loadbalancer Public IP (example)
Loadbalancer internal IP:

I am using nginx as a loadbalancer for HTTP/HTTPS and now added a tcp stream to the config.

server {
    listen 25;

    proxy_protocol on;

This works and PMG is answering on SMTP, however, it is now displaying the IP of the load balancer instead of the real client/sender IP. This then causes SPF to fail.

Does anyone know if PMG supports the proxy_protocol to pass on the real IP? Do I need to change something in the config to make this work?

Thanks in advance,

Stoiko Ivanov

Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
May 2, 2018
Have never tried it - but see the postfix config reference:
NOTE: To use the nginx proxy with smtpd(8), enable the XCLIENT protocol with smtpd_authorized_xclient_hosts. This supports SASL authentication in the proxy agent (Postfix 2.9 and later).

In order to adapt the postfix configuration on PMG you need to use the templateing system:

One alternative option could be to simply use iptables to redirect/nat traffic to port 25 directly to PMG

I hope this helps!


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