PMG 5.x to 6.x in-place upgrade pitfalls?


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Feb 10, 2010
So, here we have a testsystem that we do also use for some regular mails (how should we test it otherwise :)).

it was created as PMG 5.x, then in-place-upgraded to 6.0, afterwards to 6.1.
(following of course)

today we saw a quite strange event: after its regular "sig hup" at 7:00AM the only thing reported by the pmgpolicy in mail.log is the database maintenance and its hourly "sig hup".

after a reboot the process reported something new: pmgpolicy[345]: ERROR: unable to load database
and afterwards: "pmgpolicy[348]: Can't call method "ping" on an undefined value at /usr/bin/pmgpolicy line 514." (which is strange in itself as there should be errorhandling to report a database-connection error)

so what happened - we do not exactly know when but the postgresql upgrade to v11 somehow was reverted by PMG as "/etc/pmg/templates/" still points the data_directory = '/var/lib/postgresql/9.6/main' -> obviously the wrong path and postgresql also complains about this during reboot.

now the big question would be - can we change the template somehow?

for the moment the /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf is manually updated to reflect the new path to "/var/lib/postgresql/11/main"

after starting postresql this way things seem to go back to normal, except for this after the next regular "sig hup":
pmgpolicy[337]: ERROR: Can't call method "close" on unblessed reference at /usr/bin/pmgpolicy line 399.

so maybe the in-place "upgrade postgres database" could be more elaborated as we believed "pg_dropcluster --stop 11 main" and "pg_upgradecluster -v 11 9.6 main" would be the way to go, but it seems this is not everything that needs to be done.

thx for the quick reply.
fact is - we never changed any templates - so I guess changing the template during the inplace upgrade should be mentioned.
we did follow the upgrade-guide to the best of our knowledge, somehow the pg_dropcluster and pg_upgradecluster worked fine, but todays reboot brought 9.6 back in the template and therefore in postgresql.conf I guess.
If you have files in /etc/pmg/templates/ - these take precedence over the ones shipped in the packages in '/var/lib/pmg/templates' (and they need to get copied to /etc/pmg/templates by the admin of the PMG - it does not happen automatically)

just compare (using diff or vimdiff) '/etc/pmg/templates/' with '/var/lib/pmg/templates/' and adapt your '/etc/pmg/templates/' to the new paths.
(If you don't have anything which needs to be overriden in the postgresql.conf, it might be better to simply delete /etc/pmg/templates/
thanks for your clarification, I swear we never copied anything to /etc/pmg/templates/ yet there are a lot of files dated March 25th 2019 :)
will try removal of those files during the nighshift.
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No need to be sorry! - Happened to me quite often as well :)

Good luck with the upgrade - and let us know how it went!


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