Offline PEAR install in DAB Makefile

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    For a Wheezy DAB Template the following lines were used to install PEAR and the Horde-Pear Packages needed:
        # Start of PEAR Manual Install
        mkdir -p ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/pear
        unzip -o -d ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/pear
    #    dab exec pear install /usr/src/pear/Archive_Tar-1.3.12.tgz /usr/src/pear/Console_Getopt-1.3.1.tgz /usr/src/pear/XML_Util-1.2.3.tgz
    #    # Ignore Console_GetoptPlus_beta for now even though it does not break anything as yet
        dab exec pear upgrade --force /usr/src/pear/*.tgz
        rm -rf ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/pear
        install -m 0700 PEAR-1.9.5.tgz ${BASEDIR}/root/PEAR-1.9.5.tgz
        dab exec pear upgrade -f /root/PEAR-1.9.5.tgz
        rm -f ${BASEDIR}/root/PEAR-1.9.5.tgz
    #    # wget -O horde-channel.xml
        install -m 0755 horde-channel.xml ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/horde-channel.xml
        dab exec pear channel-add /usr/src/horde-channel.xml
        rm -f ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/horde-channel.xml
        mkdir -p ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/horde
        unzip -o -d ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/horde
        dab exec pear install -f /usr/src/horde/*.tgz
        rm -rf ${BASEDIR}/usr/src/horde
        # End of PEAR Manual Install
        dab exec ln -s /usr/share/php /usr/share/pear

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