New to Proxmox, Servers, & Linux, need help w/MineOS VMs


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Nov 29, 2019
A while ago I found an old Dell r710 on the side of the road and took it home and after a year or so of messing with it I got it running. I decided to use it for hosting Minecraft servers for me and my friends to play on and decided to use Proxmox in order to run multiple instances of MineOS all at once. So far I have managed to, with great difficulty, get Proxmox installed, connect to the web UI, and setup a MineOS VM. I seem to be stuck now though as MineOS has the same connect to this IP for a web UI to finish setup thing but I can't seem to connect to it and I'm 99% sure I messed up something somewhere with network configuration while setting up the VM. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and a bad habit of beating on stuff when I'm angry so I figured I'd come ask for advice here before I start banging expensive things and yelling like a chimp. I have no Linux experience and I've only used Windows before and although my computer skills are above average their by no means impressive.

Also just as a heads up to anyone offering me help; I'm new and I'm going to sound like an idiot alot and I'm sorry in advance for that.
Well, I guess I'll help get the ball rolling.

Everything you need to know is probably already here:

In order to help you out, folks are going to need to know more info about your setup.

In the PVE Host, do these commands and post the results here removing any sensitive details if you have any:

ip addr

cat /etc/network/interfaces

replace ### with the VM id #
cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/###.conf

That'll help give people an idea of what you have going on.
Ok it's spat out something for the first command and it spat out "no such file or directory" or just spat back the command and did nothing for the other 2. Im sick as hell and feeling lazy so here's a bad photo of the only thing I got, I don't think any of the information is sensitive


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It appears as though en01 is the only active plugged in and configured interface. It looks to be tied to vmbr0 with the IP of with a class-c subnet (/24,

Assuming the PVE host has internet connection and is working fine, the network settings for the MineOS Guest could be tied to that vmbr0.

Could and should are two different things. Ideally you want the IP that you setup for PVE as only for PVE operations, and setup a different public IP and bridge for your guests (MineOS guests).

Can you reach your PVE admin interface at ??? (only accessible on your private network, since 10.0.0.X is not publicly routable)
I have no idea what happened but I went away for a few days and when I turned everything on today it all just worked this time around soooooo I guess I had some small thing wrong somewhere.


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