New KVM 1.2, snapshots, vzctl and other packages on pvetest (on the road to V2.2)


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Apr 28, 2005
We just finished uploading a lot of new packages to the pvetest repository, including latest KVM 1.2 and live snapshots. OpenVZ toolset is updated, introducing a new console view. Especially for beginners it is not that easy to understand and manage containers but with the new console this is big step forward (OpenVZ and KVM console looks now quite similar).

Everybody is encouraged to test and give feedback as these packages will be the base for V2.2 release.

Release notes
- pve-manager (2.2-21)

  • openvz: use real console instead of 'vzctl enter'
  • openvz: remove init-logger pagers
  • add workaroud to correctly show scrollbars
  • add snapshot support to GUI
  • vzrestore: allow --storage option
  • fix bug 178: correctly verify if VMID is already used
  • GUI: allow to select SCSI disks when creating VMs (booting from SCSI disks works again)
  • Slovenian translation (thanks to Dejan Borstnar)
  • new option to select SCSI controller hardware
  • add SATA to GUI
- ibpve-storage-perl (2.0-33)

  • create 'dump' directory if storage contains containers
  • qcow2 : preallocate metadatas at file creation
  • nexenta: implement storage status, several fixes
  • add snapshot support
- pve-kernel-2.6.32 (2.6.32-78)

  • update to vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab061.9.src.rpm
  • update e1000e to 2.1.4
  • update ixgbe to 3.10.17
  • remove ixgbe_fix_mac_flush.patch (now upstream)
- qemu-server (2.0-59)

  • fix bug 251: use new command line syntax
  • include snapshot support
  • disable vzdump for VM containing snapshots
  • support up to 32 network devices
  • support up to 16 virtio devices
  • scsihw: add megasas controller
  • implement 'qm rescan' to update disk sizes and unused disk info
- pve-qemu-kvm (1.2-6)

  • update to 1.2.0
  • add patch for snapshot support
- vzctl (4.0-1pve2)

  • depend on attr package (scripts use setfattr)
  • update to latest vzctl
  • removed init logger patches
- other updates

  • update vzquota to 3.1
  • update redhat-cluster-pve to 3.1.93
  • update fence-agents to 3.1.9
  • update corosync to 1.4.4
  • update libiscsi to 1.6.0
  • update ceph packages to 0.48.2argonaut
  • update sheepdog to 0.5.0

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Jan 14, 2011
Thank you very much.
I'm updating my three servers. no bug for now.
I have not yet tested sheepdog
i'm thinking of upgrade as i can really take great use of the live snapshot feature.
so if i'm reading correct, proxmox now supports the XenServer/VMWare-like snapshots where it takes only a few seconds for VMs of any size all while using up considerably less disk space?

also, how feasible is it to perform this upgrade on a live server? i've never done proxmox upgrades before so i'm a bit worried what can go wrong (if any) during the upgrade process.


Nov 4, 2008
Reading the source code it seems snapshot was possible only for specific storage (sheepdog etc..) or disk format like qcow2.
Do you plan to implement snapshot for vm disk hosted on LVM volume ?



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Dec 1, 2010
I was testing sheepdog cluster lately on 3 nodes pve cluster. If i disconnect one of the nodes the sheepdog storage is not usable any more and data can be lost. I guess this is expected in current version?


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Staff member
Aug 29, 2006
sheepdog is not stable and not recommended now, and yes, such issues are expected. (Ceph RBD is considered to be more stable, but also nothing for production use for now)


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