My impression of PMX MailGateway, simply WOWed!

Discussion in 'Mail Gateway: Installation and configuration' started by symmcom, May 14, 2018.

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    This is not an issue posting. But my first impression of Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.0. I am WOWed by it!

    I tried to use PMX MG 4 years ago. But the licensing, complexity of raising a cluster was not the cup of tea I was willing to drink. I have not kept up with the development of MG. But recently had a need to raise a SPAM filter cluster so was browsing Proxmox store to find the pricing on MG HA license, only to find out there was not anymore HA license but instead, it followed Proxmox VE subscription model.

    So to see how MG doing nowadays decided to give it a try. My cluster was up and running in less than half an hour! I am thrilled where MG is now. I went ahead and got a subscription to finalize the cluster. As of this writing, emails are flowing as expected. The dashboard is really well organized to visually show the critical stats. I have not gone through all the configurations yet, but looking forward to unleashing all that PMX MG has to offer.

    A job well done Proxmox MG Developer!
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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