migrate to vmware with SCSI VMware Paravirtual (PVSCSI)


Sep 21, 2016
my proxmox is
Virtual Environment 5.4-6

i have to create a vm with scsi controller in proxmox and move it to a vmware machine
so i create new vm and
when its off changed it controller to VMware PVSCSI
then installed my ubuntu os

when installation finished i moved in .vmdk to my wmware and it dont worked!!
then i changed it type to ide in vmware and ubuntu come up

then i tried to convert an image to vmdk paravirtual wirh qem-img with command below

qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O vmdk -o adapter_type=lsilogic,subformat=streamOptimized,compat6 2.vmdk 5.vmdk

but this dont have "VMware PVSCSI" at all

my question is how can i create a vm that capable to VMware PVSCSI ?
my question is how can i create a vm that capable to VMware PVSCSI ?

Create it in VMware - just that.

I create VMs, Container and nowadays Docker container images for living, so I set up every virtualization environment possible and create the VMs on them. I tried to use one and go the OVA route, but there are soo many pitfalls to fall in ... it's unbelievable. I lost so much time converting etc. just gave up and create everything in their "destination" format and I can finally concentrate on the content, not the technology. If you have a modern server CPU that is capable of nested virtualization, you can try to virtualize other hypervisors in PVE, but I did it with some old server hardware I had laying around.

But back to your problem: Ubuntu may use some optimisation on install that slims down the installation to the virtual PVE hardware and therefore remove some at that time unnecessary drivers, e.g. for VMware.
yes but not work
when i set scsi controller to pvscisi in proxmox and move image to vmware it not work until i change it to ide!


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