Migrate proxmox os to annother hard with dfferent size and raid configuration


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May 2, 2020
I want migrate my proxmox os from raid 0 hard to another hard with raid 5 , i cant find any solution in your documentationn , what is best safe way for migrate os to another hard


there is more than one way to do this.
And it depends much on your setup.
Please describe a bit more.
Have you got an NFS where you can backup your VM? Is downtime a problem? ...
I use latest proxmox version
i have 3 type of hard
1- Hp SSD 800GB raid 0 (my proxmox os and 6 VM)
2- Nvme 1TB raid 4( empty )
3- Toshiba 8TB raid 5 (for backup)

i want move my os to raid 4 hards
Install Proxmox VE on the new server and configure it.
Stop your guests.
Then make a backup of all your VM to the Backup server and restore it on the new server.

This way you can always start over and the guest is completely safe.
Simply way:
Boot from live CD/USB, dd from "Hp SSD 800GB raid 0" to "Nvme 1TB raid 4", shutdown server.
Disconnect or remove "Hp SSD 800GB raid 0", power on, goto BIOS setup and set boot from "Nvme 1TB raid 4"
Try to boot Proxmox from "Nvme 1TB raid 4"
If all ok, reboot from live CD/USB and grow data volume.

But, safest way - what Wolfgang said.
Backup all VMs, backup pve settings, reinstall Proxmox VE on new disk, configure it and restore VMs.


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