LXC Template Needed: Request Tracker 4.x

Discussion in 'What Virtual Appliances do you want to see?' started by mantisgroove, Jan 7, 2016.

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    It seems all the virtual appliances, container, or VMware, even the apt/yum repo's are all something within the version 3.x version range. The 3.x range was actually not nearly as useful, and attractive looking as the 4.x range.

    Request Tracker (by Best Practical) is an AMAZINGLY powerful, and useful open source ticketing system. My favorite by far over many paid platforms even. Installing and configuring it from scratch is a HUGE pain, and both difficult, and frustrating. It requires CPAN and a LOT of perl config/tweaking, and getting some things, like the email integration seems nearly impossible.

    If someone could create and publish an LXC template for Request Tracker 4.2 and post it to the Proxmox template download section, or turnkeylinux.org that would be amazing, and I would find it useful, and a LOT of people who have probably never bothered with it would have the chance to try it out.

    Jon Jewett
    Systems Engineer
    Simply Mac
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    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your suggestion. A TurnKey community member actually started work on that some time ago but deferred it (indefinitely) due to other stuff that had broader appeal at the time. I'll let him know that there are strong advocates for RT and we'll see what happens.

    Actually we are in the market for some sort of support ticketing platform ourselves. Obviously we would prefer something open source and have been looking at the appliances that we already have but none of them quite fit our desires at this point. Next step will be a broader scan of other open source ticketing software so I'll make sure I give RT a spin. Assuming we find some FOSS that fits our needs/desires then we'll add it to the library anyway.

    If you want to push this ahead, please feel free to drop into our forums. And we'll try to help you out. :)

    Having said that I doubt that we (as in TurnKey devs) will get a chance to do too much ourselves (unless it looks like we might use it ourselves), but maybe an active community member will run with it?

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