Keyboard issue : PVE 1.9 OK, PVE 2.1 not OK...


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Mar 31, 2011
Hi all,

Do you know that it is impossible to obtain a "\" or a "|", in fact, every character on the left side of "@" on a french keyboard is NOT accessible in "console" with proxmox v2.1?

An ALTGR + 1 sends a CTRL + ALT + DEL...

Firefox 6, java platform se 6u24 (idem with 6u31).

A proxmox v1.9 does NOT have any keyboard problem, on the same FF + JRE...

Any idea?


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I confirm this problem with fr keyboard in this context:

- kvm vm migrated from a proxmox ve 1.9 to 2.2 -> new install
- all vm's declared again with keyboard fr in datacenter view and guest view

- alt-gr button not working at all with all my vm's with proxmox java console
- vm's pfsense, ubuntu 11.10, debian squeeze, ubuntu server 10.04 and 12.04


ubuntu 12.10 fr / sun jre 6 / keyboard fr / proxmox console / firefox and chrome lastest (20/03/2013)
ubuntu 12.10 fr / keyboard fr / reminna vnc client / kvm_guest.conf args: -vnc with no encryption, no password
ubuntu 12.10 fr / openjdk 6 / keyboard fr / proxmox console / chrome lastest (20/03/2013)
windows xp sp3 / sun jre 7 / keyboard fr / proxmox console / firefox and chrome lastest (20/03/2013)

- If i launch the live cd's source of these previously installed vm on the same proxmox host the alt-gr key work !
- On the ubuntu server 10.04 dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration and dpkg-reconfigure console-setup change nothing..


- kvm version has changed from a major release to another one.

My question: Does the kvm version upgrade change something with keyboard virtual harware that need a new detection method on guest ?


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