IP not assigned automatically for created VPS from WHMCS client area


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we have created new KVM based VPS using template in WHMCS client area for proxmox server. After VPS is created, IP not assigned automatically for that VPS from IP management (Already we have added IP blocks in IP Management in Proxmox Addon option ).
But we have created LXC based VPS in WHMCS client area, here ip is assigned automatically for created VPS from IP management table.
Can you please let us know how to solve this issue.

thank you!
I'm not sure of how much help we can be here as this seems to depend very much on the addons for WHMCS that you use.

Look at the differences between a container and VM configuration in Proxmox VE. Only the container configuration contains an IP address. In contrast, you have to do most network configuration for a VM inside of it. That might be the reason for what you currently see.
I have the same problem, but it happens to me in VM, the IP is not added from WHMCS, we must add it from the guest operating system,
is this correct?
Hello Proxmox team, the problem apparently only applies to Linux, can you tell me if it was successful with VM on Windows?

I tell you my steps.

1.- We create a virtual machine with Virtio, RAM and Satorage disks and network drivers.

2.- We convert the template into VM

3.- We create a VM using the WHMCS template.

Can we use init templates with windows?

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Can we use init templates with windows?

There is a Cloud-Init FAQ in the wiki:

Currently Proxmox VE supports 2 types of cloud-init images: nocloud v1 (the default and recommended type), and configdrive v2. (...)
The configdrive v2 variant may work for windows guests using cloudbase-init, but this is not officially supported.


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