Installation Help - R720 with H310 in IT Mode


Jun 3, 2019
Hey there! I recently picked up a R720 with 256GB RAM, 3x 10K 300GB SAS, 4x 480GB SATA SSD, with H710. I picked up an H310 PCIE HBA which I flashed to LSI P20 IT mode and removed the H710. I also flashed the BIOS rom onto the HBA as well. All 7 drives are connected to this controller.

I am struggling mightily to get the system to boot Proxmox after going through the installer.

I have been attempting to install Proxmox to two of the SSDs in RAIDZ1 (ZFS). Installation seems to go OK (using PVE 5.3 on USB) and it instructs me to restart. However, on restarting the server comes up with "No Boot Drive" found. Runnning rescue boot does not find the installation either.

Two questions:
1) What am I missing during installation that is causing this issue? I've installed PVE on another machine using hardware RAID, but that was not using ZFS.

2) My usage will be for VMs doing Home Automation, Machine Learning, Game Servers, low usage website, etc. Nothing intensive. Just recreational homelab type stuff. My question is what would folks recommend in regards to arranging the storage drives?

Thanks in advance for any help or wisdom you can impart!
Did you set the correct boot drive within the IDRAC / bios ? I run Freenas through a R720 and had to setup the correct boot disks through IDRAC/bios
Normally you should flash the bios to the HBA, then your are able to set the boot device in the HBA itself, so it's the boot device for the bios and the HBA has to check which drive is usable to boot from.
Thanks folks! I went back and rechecked the BIOS on the HBA and made sure it was set to the right drive as well as ensuring the server was booting via BIOS and not UEFI. Got it to the point of having an error with importing the right rpool, as I had installed Proxmox twice thinking there was a problem on the first go around. Ended up with two rpools, one with a degraded disk (overlapped with the second rpool). Imported both, destroyed the offender. Had to add rootdelay to grub to get it to boot smoothly. Per an article I dug up.


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